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Miraculous history save

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#p50593,Dmitry" wrote:

How many people can work on radio? From two to twenty. And here their thousands of.
The Ostankino is on the remains, and here not exception.
50 ° 4 '46.50 "Since - 14 ° 28' ordering" In - Prague (available TV streets and tree wire)
Olsany a graveyard of
Ol & # Hawaii ;a nsk h & # members ;b itovy - contains the largest a graveyard of in Prague with salient more 50 hectares, where are graves about 2 million people. Buried izvestneyshie people Czech Republic and even Russia and Ukraine. On territory are Orthodox Shrine and The synagogue's to.

Not quite media outlet, of course. This chief office "Radio Liberty", pereekhavshiy from Munich in 1995. The building former Federal assembly Czechoslovakia, does in lease for 1 differ in year. Is leading issuing broadcast on 28 languages in 21 country Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle and the Middle East. Also talks the issuing broadcast through the Internet and creates television transfer of. According to official site RS, in RS work about 500 employer-provided journalists (of them about 300 in Prague, the rest - in regional bureau). Site "Radio Liberty" daily attend about 100 thousands of unique users. Except this, have Radio Liberty there is accounts in social networks Facebook, Twitter, Gibkikh, Youtube, LiveJournal. Site RS not allows park comments to its materials without preliminary viewing moderator (premoderatsii). For smartphones developed application Radio Liberty, available for free on AppStore and Google Play.

The entire this radio, television, Internet content here and is done.

In matrix "mouthpiece democracy, liberalism, invites center the US", with the main principle "to lend word both sides." Outside matrix the largest entertainment center, of advancing "general plan have." The stage very big "undercover" and "democrats" - "killings of Republic Ichkeria", Syrian "sides." Simultaneously hours long on karabakhskuyu subject in Armenia and Azerbaijan, on South-Ossetia, Abkhazia and Georgia, on Palestine and Israel, on Serbia and Albania. All "heated point", where managed obtain enmity and massacre, post-mortems in including these center. Under all this - surprising deal! - he almost nowhere not banned (today something the Baku the prosecutor office RS thought and close; but would gain team and will open). Hand OD on hatred, under this information about postanovochnosti wife is forbidden for both sides.

After the emergence of office "omyv Zhanaozena" about a scene, under the cover of which scum has carried real massacre, in Kazakhstan was closed access in livzhurnal and liventernet, where was many repostov. "Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty", there bureau RS, so same vychischalo references to post, as and resources "bloody regime."

On most important past plays directed - are looking on Forum - among first noted and RS. Little moreover, received and did exclusive collecting cadres video with productions, any no one not was (a key frame with "sbitiya on that transport ship IL-76 under knowledge" recall, from all mediatsentrov second only RS - very much a privilege. "General plan have", as many times stated, aims on global massacre (apocalypse, obezlyuzhivanie, the third the global. In different matrices). Current installation so or otherwise work on this goal. Enjoy any political, economic interests some hand not explain all-out support productions all vipami all sides, gosvedomstvami and media.

Pro contains the largest a graveyard of on address RS not knew, thank you, Dima. All confirms, have scum - "tsekhovogo core" so and should be. With jobs mass deaths, pogrebeniy, ashes are linked largest centers spirituality, information, sources of attention and away people. Any a graveyard of also and "drive" biogennoy that perilous stuff, introduction to which is fought institution committed all religions, imprisoned and faiths. Even here, in Barnaul largest cemeteries, closed, snesennye and existing, on one lines with landmark TV tower GTRK "Altai", a relay all anything, and largest agenda complex of. Pro Novosibirsk the same says Elemental.
Information in places "sredotochiya death" "-peak "and is perceived reduce. One of global programs vnematrichnoy scum.

Think, that and decision translate’s largest mediyschika on that place avea to thwart with member-correspondence with a in a range of other measures, when not evolved "the multi Yugoslavian war", zatukhli almost all war "collapse of the USSR", burst "the Great Russian Revolution", falsehood only "events 1993 in Moscow."



That concerns Gyunninen E. A., then here is here even to convene solid information:

And here is a quotation from drifting away passport base interpretation.:



Petrozavodsk Strategic a male-model type Catherine Gyunninen flew from Moscow in Sharm el-Sheikh and from Sharm el-of Sheik in Moscow.
1 November Sundance a day to, Sundance at night, and on the evening Sundance in television show on NTV together with pile relatives which somehow unfathomable way, too, proved in Moscow a day to 1 th same November.
What attitude has polufinskaya however to this will also "or even Kolyma-air" on S. Petersburg? At all no. Nevertheless Ekaty is participating in all Layfnyusakh consecutive. As such can be? Only in case, if it have prescribed role stance.


24 … ipta-foto/

With this photography goes simpatichnaya history. Ostensibly 31 th October she already was have popular availability site, but note, photograph as always decide on the right. Kaja Gyunninen cut up on the forehead.

But on Bulgarian site monitor bgphotograph more "high"
Bulgarian monitortsy, called name of Yuliya Kazantseva, instead Katina's and Janina case. Have real the top photo already was in 10 :3 4 31 th October. Not quite whether?

Casket is a simply and as always in plays directed - equally. Nor Gyunninen nor Aliyeva, in real situation, nor for that would not time come in head, send such a stupid poncey a picture of an on Gubdeyli or Engine Monitor (Google, such derzhitsya more nowhere there is no, there is even two small options nor about fix).
1) A photograph, the Shop has now issued only these sites.
2) Photography made until 31 th October.
3) Photography not went in "greater a series of", because the Shop its vetoed, she would caused mass jibes.
4) Oba video Yana don and-year-old Katya from airport (several mrazokanalov) for this vistavi, were prepared in advance
5) Oba video filmed for one calling in the same spied a expectations, the same camera, with the same ayfonovskoy fixtures full-time, but were distributed for different mrazokanalam.
6) Ekaty - freak out. It one eye long overdue eyes at once.
7) If they girlfriends (as heard a in television show), then why they in Sarm-el-Sheik not have been shoot together and not dispatched its exclusive video only on one Canal? If they girlfriends, then why they is deducted not together, and in different ranks seats?

Currentzis in the latest moment changed her mind fly flight “Kogalymavia Air Company ”
Currentzis A 321 told, as it managed survive in the crash for



"talking casework and display": "A mortal flight"

58 :0 8 -
On words Gyunninen have imposed music. This with their :whistle:




If say "on fact", means lie



#p50162,Eugen wrote:
#p50092,Иван М wrote:

here is small
The artist

On page mothers joint photo, but they in Finland made.
They're showing the whom serve.
On to the artist`s media, Catherine was in Egypt 20 times for 5 years.
On to the artist`s media, Catherine is keen on diving.
She so strongly is, that since forgotten do photos on this topics. A male-model type Hi,.



Ребята, Катя Гюннинен реальный персонаж, есть даже номер ее телефона и адрес места жительства)))) Знаю ее лично, есть в друзьях, есть общие друзья, также знаю ее родную сестру Анники. Но соглашусь, что очень мало фото с отдыха, хотя она и так не часто их выкладывает, но все же. В "Лотос Плазе" работает в магазине Синсей, директором или управляющей) А вот подругу ее не знаю вообще.
А на счет сайта губерния дейли дак к ним не нужно ходить, что бы они выложили статью о чем-нибудь,они часто берут инф-ию из других более популярных и крупных сайтов и размещают ее по принципу "важное в мире")) Город у нас маленький, а это так, скудные городские новости ни о чем и обо всем)))

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