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Flud aviation

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Here rather roots those same, that and with a group of VELEHENTOR. Ah there is have us on Ural seats, far nor fly nor walk should not. About them and know the cannot be!



If Erdogan you this though, then in than then his interest? If this on fact setting, then he same not can not understand this



Andrei A., about any interest you say? Erdogan simply as head. His powers and status - this for crowds. On fact he decisions not accepts and perfectly understands, that if he will start to talk about, has, his immediately shatter. He simply a hired staffer global organizations, that here referring "-. " His chief interest fulfill work, obtain bonus and leave alive on retirement at the end contract.

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#p50193,HappyMan wrote:

like would not was. Today ‘

In the second parts of - on 5 :5 2 - and that for tell Abe have "military observer, Shurygin there"?

If have him this on somehow deferential physiological reasons - the, of course, bring him all apology, what only perhaps, but recently accurately such same horror and nightmare proskakival on photo ear have senior Mikhail Borisovich Shein:

Can, right people're using clones of somewhere)

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Beate, I as always with versions, why this all was need.

There higher was video, where directors staging, more accurately customers was called, I do bad words and talked pro something "police state" or that the such. I think, that all several on Different. And that is why.
Today, can be said accidentally, stumbled on article-the review on "spokesmen propaganda" federal our - site "ribbon. Ru ", here is the reference -" Razbor flights in Turkish. " Read and okhreneval. Article clearly THINK WISE opinion, that Turks, too, can be understand, have them their interests in Syria - Turkmen there, a close people (as us Ukrainians) and at all - need to move to peace, move to substantive discussion, to all understand, Russia again friends with one another with NATO and all such. ???? this on backdrop of continuing already after this articles messages about sanctions against Turkey and just such a. Read and ofigeval.

Ah and when am finished reading - understood, that need to go here, on forum - watch, and there is no whether here themes pro feykovost Sous-24, along with previous catastrophe. Ah and of course she here already was :)) Nu okay, in general version of - for what this - svodnoe summary. I here d more optimistic and dull - not d to speak pro ritual killings, pro "police society", dream turn all in... iiaeiio?ieuiuo zombies - this lack and so just :)

I think this here is further preparation sentiment in society to what need to to live small, that need to stop conflict, account for interests all, each other and not need to to fight. Ah or to fight only against terrorists. Although still only in mid-days I read article about how, that tell Russians wife Turkish husbands - that Russians and Turks are beginning to hate each other from for moreover, that is beginning to's going on * * and spoke - something Putin get stupid in this time. Ah here is I thought - ah here is need tight the answer - but not such. Not such, to this on people in primarily struck. Several times watched on come old hat girls in contact, with its Turkish guy and sad within - and as same it now poorly. And sad - that same this happens in world, and in late remained ended up alone with fatal negative moods - ah that OK, history shows, that in world periodically such asses-conflicts occur -vyvalivaetsya resurfaced relax shit in the form of festering issues-contradictions. Suspect, that I many what the arcane say :)))

But I finish the all ??? :) - in general I think, that this specifically I started hooking up all, to here is people raised - that swears this poorly, and to negotiate and account for interests each other - this well. ???? - Putin in this time not will on-mediaplanner - he something "Turkestan" tickles - because here is such the angry in this conflict and sanctions injects, and Turkish President sending (ah perhaps correctly - he's after all as much as 7 hours not called :)) So that here at first plan emerge any other forces. Shopping, as interestingly - and who same this will be :)))
Any girl, as remember, was American - Samantha, thingy, isn't - which travels on world, will have all ask pro their problems and miraculously offering decisions :))) (remember Alpha? As he when became president (like in dreams :)), implemented problems? Homeless there is no -aey them built homes. Unemployed, too, there is no - they are building homes for homeless and camping on P. :))) Nu in general, I mean full right express here is such extravagant hypothesis on backdrop of rest options :)

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Incidentally, not said an important thing - and here is why need "be preparing sentiments in society" our leadership, above, than something to do - can be same do something and all. But not idiots same rulers our - have! Was few, in the USSR at all propaganda was on mega-level, and Putin all of this understands, too, on very good level. Sentiments in society - one of conditions, needed for success what-either. This're stupid-liberals all this not understand - role knowledge about society. Not understand, that, for example, economy - this people, above all, and all these textbooks - this hell is that a total - people different in different places and in different times and they, their behavior and determine these laws - and economic in primarily - and these all on "ekonomiksy" rumbling everything yes believe in "samoreguliruemye mechanisms." Ah and on analogies - sentiments in society and behavior people determine at all VSE - recognized as in advertising Bilayna with Svetlakovym :))) And Putin this understands much better his colleagues, it seems. And in this one of major his trumps.. Ah and so as people have us until was a slow learner, sorry - not particularly the thinks about such global things - the need to something here is such to do, to he understood. And here is account for such postanovy to do - I pro this already in topic A321 (as simply - he or "A", three-two-one -, too, thought tsekhoviki :))) spoke all. So that I started hooking up conflict with Turkey, to in end show, that conflict badly and lead all to peace-friendship-the gum. Morihei Ueshiba - Granddaddy with Internet meme - "this an old man me all life has taught" - founder Ajkido - perhaps there on the sky cries from happiness - he so wanted to, to in world has bedeviled harmony. And believed Ajkido - by to this Serbian. And there is such notions, as "Psikhologicheskoe aikido" and camping on P. - in general - use energy adversary against him the most. Ah here is if here take adversary some such a the global aggression, evil - as a manifestation of moreover, that people not are at to decide questions, understand each other, to speak, and immediately formed for weapons - the here is this aggression as times and use against the most this problems. See aggression - terrorism-its extreme expression of - this poorly. See aggression - Russians with Turks now fists they wave - this poorly. This I already get a few steps forward and give voice food commodities events and propaganda on near future.



#p50237,Иван М wrote:

:: Message from: Ytsuke::
Too gemorroyno sculpt global feyki.

I such a not spoke :) Perhaps someone still with so down, of course, here there is. I something contrary believe - that at all not gemorno. Nothing such a. Level of organizations any biggest. Ah yes, all these should we expect. Networks, work with humans - but, nothing such a. Me seems hook up show discoveries Olympics - a la such a, which was in Sochi - this cooler :))) And under this worked they there steep - epic-feyl was only one :))) Yes and the they benefits have turned his in they`ve element of show on closing :) That would from whom offer tsekhovikam :))



#p50253,Иван М wrote:

, until here you not get kicked off for mnogobukvennye ".

Javadxan. Much more interesting look spectacular-gunman with hurl abuses on-and emotional penetration in-style ostrosyuzhetnogo movie :))) This is I pro releasing the degistirmek video about plays directed of workshop. It something DOCG level very long will, than data retrieval process time on at my bukav. Ah although about than this I. Modicum here people and slightly poprodvinutey those, whom-soba on ears hangs, but to read "" "them would still a little hard to do :) Although partly I agree with someone more than a note - will try be lakonichney, although me seemed, that contrary, these hew all help only. Ah in general, selling young horses is much over these.



Yes and at all, pardon for frankness, if very polished - I so understood, here for the most part people more interesting stupidly inspect technical shoals of workshop. And here is something such - more deep, thingy, isn't - why this all need - camping on E. Questions broader - ah this as something much less here causes interest. That, in principle, it is understandable - because here is the, pro that I say - it what something often at all hardly comprehensible slogan many - policy there this and all is. And this all - I pro shoals - ah here is this interestingly, prikolno stuck her needle in this.



T. E. Essentially, pardon me, but difference forums tutoshnykh from that masses, which-soba on ears hangs - only in is, that here people determined to the details of and not passes past these joints :))) Nu and in end stupidly says "not believe - here is you towards me are deceiving, and why are deceiving and why? Yes because you towards simply and want on Earth establish an absolute Evil :))) In general, that before, to try to at all understand - that in world and why is happening, for what at all all these installation branch has - ah here approach almost such same, what and among people with noodles on tinnitus :)) Don’t all, of course, there is and themes and the comments in which are discussed version of - for what all of this - but this just little and all of this a little shallow, thingy, isn't, as something. Ah here is ritualka - the reason for most productions. Ah here is the same global Evil. And here is how times as something even coherently think over all of these - this and was would interesting.



#p50360,Йцуке wrote:

Nu here is ritualka - the reason for most productions. Ah here is the same global Evil. And here is how times as something even coherently think over all of these - this and was would interesting.

Investigation goes from Mishnah (Okatzin on place crimes and further to common. Particular help lay down their a common picture. Until until the end of not is understandable system governance painball, except shurki with known Forum :glasses:
If muster more facts, those easier will muster a common picture.

I here is for example tried to look krovi pro TV OF MOLDOVA,
But having looked three series of not saw system shared newsletters on news channels, like as show that ????? Canal their sources of.
Pro krovi … hp#photo_2

In short you're provoking here on oftop :suspicious:

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#p50369,Иван М wrote:

Читать полностью:  Тот же, голос один и тот же

Читать голос ? достал ты уже..
Иван, ты вообще читаешь что тебе иногда пишут ? Тебя вообще интересует, что у тебя значки всякие появляются и за что ?

1 голос - ссылка секунда
2 голос - ссылка секунда
Видео важное дал - продублируй его название другим шрифтом.
Эпизод дал - укажи секунду видео и ссылку на него
Вывод сделал - дай ссылки, чтобы за тобой проверили, продолжили и (!)подметили то, что упустил ты.
Это основные принципы правил разбора эпизодов. В правилах всё чётко ясно написано.



Message with one Forum:

результат самолёта

Over three days Russia dramatically solidified its military positions, eloquent even timid a peep with hand and without single reverence in side member countries NATO and key players in this region (Israel, Saudi Arabia.

Could whether Russian Federation three days ago without istoshnogo howling put in Syria Since-400, establish his on short-range battlefield teaching and start irradiate psi-rays planes NATO? Slightly whether not by declaring in this ties for them no-fly zone and forcing humiliating in one e-waiting lists with Dzhigurda, to collect have Russian bureaucrats-officials a necessary for access in Syrian the sky kit verifications and documents?

Could whether quite still recently Russian troops under the Syrian flags Motor acknowledgement vis with Turkey sela and villages, yes pillar humanitarian aid, destined children-turkomanam? And all of this, note, under sympathetic approval world community.

However, military initiatives can be was would achieve, let and in more other timeline, but and without active aid Turkish governments.
But here is economic breakthrough. Here woven financial interests million players market, this not convoy with disposable diapers and grits shell. For the matrimonial unsustainable hard financial establishment under support socially active citizens can and varied a change of government organize.

But suddenly in one fell swoop Russia sever all numerous problems, asked in Russian-Turkish economic relations in earlier years and impending adaptation to-established over the last year economic realities and exits Russia from asses global economic crisis.

Deal in is, that Russian-Turkish relations alia in an era expensive oil and in those conditions both sides simply perfectly suit each other as potentially basic trading partners. Turkey perfectly evolved first task disposal cheap petrodollars, made on Russian market. In return Turkey used to give to the sun, fruits, cheap, but hardworking labor force and an acceptable for these money quality goods easy industry.

Now same before leadership trades abroad suddenly suddenly embraced task development own economy in camping on CHAMPION Agriculture, prospects problems with employment population and trading balance. As can be was to ban Russian citizens pulling suddenly potyazhelevshie and all more rare dollars suitcases in Turkey? Yes raze. This not Egypt with insurgents, here terrorist attack would no one nor in than not persuaded. And because force people to abandon tourism and those more business with Turks still three days ago seemed intractable task.
But here is here suddenly, as if commissioned happens quite an ordinary miracle! And as on numerous Russian building workers for us entire disastrous and upon what an impossible work has done our modest and unpretentious Turkish friends.

One only atomic the station what is worth. Where was trades abroad take couple of-top three tens of billion in new economic realities of, to build Turks nuclear plants and years through sixty-Eighty, this if traditional energy for these decades at all persists, recoup costs selling Turks ready electricity? But to abandon enforcement, signed by in the years free probably disgusting dollars contract, means forever losing reputation fair partner. On first glance, exit there is no and not can be. And here suddenly such elegant decision in a stalemate, seemed would, situation.

I so and not was able find although would one benefits from the entire this history for Turkey. Alone losses, and moral, and material. Can who tell pollsters?
Pro personal interests family President, too, past. Ah and that there now with his family neftebiznesom? So same alone losses, as and have the entire Turkey, border in end have closed.

That can be said in end, finally generation Gorbachev-Yeltsin dozhilo until time, when senior national rule of play for our gates.
Who would have imagine such a year so in 1992 st?!

Think Recep Tayipovich already has acquired the assistant land somewhere between dachnymi economic cooperatives Yanukovych and Gerard Departe and all free time writes the text lectures for reading in the Moscow the State the Brookings for International Relations for modest on measure Gorbachev and Chubais charged. Times change.

'm rosrukovodstvo has consistently and has invariably led is destroying "wouldn" world scoundrels. After Turkey emerges question far further were delivered a stolen oil, whom to beat next. Here is so bandits built plans to "aa?eaaio" other countries and peoples, and here themselves instead "an eater--" Turn in "now." At all on airline reeks tribunal, with now reversal events so strident and grave, that not would not be surprised, if tribunal will not in Europe, and Voronezh there, or British, on a pinch, Minsk.
Grabovsky Remy-will be hanged on on ukrobandyug, ah on amerov same not, you're gonna hang. Noise many raised, need someone respond. Means will hang, until not knock them dead. Already until many of them has peaked - on days Viktor Baloha (Transcarpathian oligarch-bassist each ?uaiea) starts to whine, that America obviously Ukraine Russia for Command order. Would like spark war, to she increasingly scrapped and make ends in water, yes not is obtained with provocations. And hide for the boss jock not tickles - Russia groups on all rules obkladyvaet as wolf on all rules - who encrypts your digital have themselves accomplices Islamic State, to become ukryvatelem terrorists. Yes, even going to pop out all crimes in the so-called of ATF. Damn it with them, the devil promised golden curls mountains, and gonna pay cherepkami.
Noticing, that in the rounds Putin’s invest absolutely authentic words. The kind grouping that for him is worth words on wind not is abandoning. Need closely listen to his speech to the last hew, ah and closest environment.

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#p50547,Flint wrote:

Message with one Forum

That you that you, with no Forum? This analyst any manual blogger, that on forums have copying.
Standard practice.

Zvezdani in a little Google: "As if rum from lamp, Erdogan one"

Tsekhovaya article is called ERDOGAN INTRODUCING AGENT program over a
Even to read not d, in advance clear that simply brains There in matrix as tomatoes



#p50579,Loran4 wrote:

Guys, can be stupid question? All understand, setting all affairs, but like as military's disco not Hypnotizes. This prerogative media

All participate. Where plane - follow for theme. And was whether he?



Dmitry" wrote:


Yes in skilled Erdogan’s in general the, agent- neagent, partner-opponent. Not in offense deal, and in consequences of this history with my first stop.
Import substitution has once (the rise simplest with / 's and industrial-the population); nothing to acquire spend currency travelers to, not hard its (maintaining national Bank); you are not putting blukat during so bears a and dangerous war, which underway is faring, on zagranitsam without special affairs (be possible object blackmail rosrukovoditeley in the form of "hostages" any any of illiterate niggers' baradachey "al-Islam-shaitan-durakhman-Qaeda" with old their kuklovodami); return what-no legitimacy in international life; show even times, that on stage returned the second center forces.



#p50547,Flint wrote:

rosrukovodstvo has consistently and has invariably led is destroying "wouldn" world scoundrels

#p50629,Flint wrote:

import substitution has once (the rise simplest with / 's and industrial-the population); nothing to acquire spend currency travelers to, not hard its (maintaining national Bank); you are not putting blukat during so bears a and dangerous war, which underway is faring, on zagranitsam without special affairs (be possible object blackmail rosrukovoditeley in the form of "hostages" any any of illiterate niggers' baradachey "al-Islam-shaitan-durakhman-Qaeda" with old their kuklovodami); return what-no legitimacy in international life; show even times, that on stage returned the second center forces.

Not parents be surprised potsreoticheskoy matrix, even not know, what more: Naive people be amazed outspoken failures ardently favorite popular elected representatives or a blind belief in movement to a brighter future.

Dudes dispatched thousands of incarcerated in basic “the brink and not bothered to agree, where can be fly, and where cannot be? Seriously! "Loop enemies, accessories to terrorists", "braving, us Yevhen Kushnaryov." This one will buy it! And why the hell would us, let ask, a host a million curiously ministers and diplomats? This their work, their failure, and, if to imagine, that these clowns manage a huge state, failure epiche ". And nor one bureaucratic at not assumed for him responsibility! And can they only with a mournful khitretsoy compose the excuses out and tell about plans strengthen the revenge.

With look forward await the come up about flourishing with its knees dollar, in's a grapefruit ricky-situated farming. And of course why to go go, when Frozen Cocktails soon will become nothing to acquire. For something we "destroyed wouldn world scoundrels", after all, of course, this from us no one not waited, because "they - obtuse." Very the Scoundrels and very obtuse.



Question farmer built an exact a copy of Boeing

Question farmer built an exact a copy of plane Boeing-737in real scale on its – in province Henan. According to 61-year-old peasant named Wang Lin, in jet he plans to open the restaurant.

Idea create a copy of Boeing-737 came in head farmer after, as in 2014Lin began study engineering and metalloobrabotku. Then, animated by with the thought, Chinese brought together and headed a team local rural workers, who backed his.

Construction, created by areas, has length 35 meters, and scope Wings plane reaches 38 meters. According to Wang Lin, the cost of build such a restaurant would cost him roughly in 22,000 dollars. Soon frame plane will fully completed, and the author ideas will address interior future restaurant.

Video: China Xinhua News / Twitter

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Merely in A city type, you not you are afraid that you foot? Truth always well, but when thanks to it can unravel state, and had system they... grind not fiercely without much consideration.



Dima, your arguments type "himself fool" even more you're burned. Let already directly, nezavualirovanno, the Eels me the most in this easily described. Yours behavior after as you raschekhlili already more driving on the agony. You long still here disgrace ourselves regulation?


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