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That and why celebrate?

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Why who give gifts on a new year each other?
Ah and that that a new year. Somehow through here gifts?
That would were? Created a link between holidays with consumption?



#p52884,Rover wrote:

. Created a link between holidays with consumption?

Quite possibly. So everywhere vary different discount.
Make thus buy the, that need not (in including
Various pots symbolism: Candles, shapes year, bonbon Christmas tree, jewelry and camping on D.)



That would we nor celebrated, I congratulate!
We very sought.
Let all, that here said, forecast in our life.

Fathers Congratulations Secretary-General the Chinese Central Committee with Happy New year Soviet kiddies



of the transit Ii?ic, modern replica, to to the kids, too comes symbol of death, of darkness are apparent. In basis of words Ii?ic is used roots [МР(Т/Д)-)]mor- / mar- / mer-, which mark with measuresVentotene, smerdet, smorod, not being (milesAnabelle Lake now, miles’ s), darkness (miles'oc, the gloom). For example, goddess the Marand - goddess death, available and harvest. Winter of – this physical expression of of Mary. Further, slightly more:


It stands pay attention and on the very name, synths and Bergen – Ii?ic. Roots mar- and mor- respond for immobility, death, and the impossibility insight, whether Mara – "Marja-tsarina" fairy tales -- one of Slavic unparalleled Scandinavian experience the peninsula, miles, the gloom (glamoured, until cuts), frost or Sea (Il mare in italiyskom) – "the brink of light", or space "for <под>the Earth" where is worth freshwater mountain realm ancestors – "is white - that flammable stumbling-Alatyr to life.". " Under adding a to this the root group understanding sound – meaning Khiva. -- in private conversation with …, she it turns out directly-??? with-mertyu, i.e. dying at all, as also for sale or impersonal category. Ii?ic, essentially – the same a Koschie on sootnesennosti with death ("koschnoe" - "dull"; the difference in an emotional's constructed is and larger presence of death, estimated as negative phenomenon in word "a Koschie"). On its "pronizyvayuschey" role -- this the same Lucifer, vmerzshiy in frigid Lake, according to Dante. Lucifer same in direct the diversion means "luminiferous", that combined with "ldyanostyu" there is symbol of fluorescent ice heartwood world, ray – axis ecliptic. Like would say, that this very reminds the Sun, "dennitsu", "Svetozara" have Russians, modicum for this and not enough my rational reason. All "dazzling" signs of, bedeviling to Lucifer there is and have Frost. Think, that according to Nekrasov "striking the sun plays in Kosmatoy his unfortunately." Ii?ic – this is one of ers death, one of pathways inclusion to deadly (mort) bytiynoy community, his chimeric – this is not only a Tool displacement on the snow, but and a Tool freeze, stage name, a similar on already known us odinovo spear or a wooden water-heater

Remains, at least, not until the end of vyyasnennym, respiration "beamish" received role so negatively-otstranitelnuyu under cultural repartition's-XIVvv. Man a modern prefers even and in Mind not be given his of Latin naming, and Russian military hidden from him in avoiding doubt and it mental, in purposes good realizations and spasitelno - guard. Modicum and the chasm something within blue-fin human, else hearing, case, against Russian version of. Truly, Peace, Brussels, ejus religion.

Name "of the transit Ii?ic" interestingly and nakloneniem an epithet. This not simply winter grandfather, this not the who run frost, this himself Ii?ic. (Native language harder to turn "don't give a fuck", the interpretum). Grandfather-Ii?ic – anonymity on nachalnost cold, Frost mages – period, his the Primacy of and his role in implementing year at all. A fairy tale about twelve months convincingly represents us precedence of and, perhaps, "power" - sakralnuyu significance each of twelve periods year. Winter of in this fairy unambiguously communicates with had senile, more powerful and more but against the knowledge period.



Very Death-Morrouz and children.



《Затваривание》в чистом виде...

#p52855,ЗыВуки30 wrote:
#p52852,Vita-X wrote:

Не уж то, Путин?!

Неа, скорее белоруский "Лукавый" -

Ладно: ни тебе, ни мне -


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Pokhozha on the Christmas tree?

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#p52801,горожанин wrote:

Ioaeai difficult psychics people clock with the most brief lightning day, when not only celebrate and to drink, but and emotions glee times mock Undesirable, have made the Merry Christmas and, derivative Happy New Year.
'm on friends in this devil's decade with 21 December - every the next living "of a brighter celebration" comes all harder, modicum they and not drinking people or malopyuschie. Physically emptied, fatigue chronic. From endless clowns and singers on all channels debilizora, what nor you're gonna turn on, simply grown sick.

Any other then meaningful day - equinox autumn or spring, solstice - suited for New Year, but only not this.

In stores now 30-31 December in global vodka departments at all no one, although years ten ago all smetalos. Every, who brains not drank through, this feels.

In our wine-global vodka was not crowded out with 27 December.
Were in Europe, there dry law works, drinking-shops strictly on hours work, in supermarkets intergenerational accounts after 21-00 not buy - prohibited from.



And what you want from cities in the, if and these under its power and camping on Afghan, too, use the, note that for Music, kosher

Yelena Mizulina



A new year

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2+2 =2
Brilliant that have

And on video, ah a what? This that what the mystery, on top knowledge from him? This all clear, good-evil, philosophy one thing-another and camping on D. Without for good there is no of evil and camping on D. Nourished German all in this world need for moreover the - for moreover the

Need on question that for star, he so and not responded, and near with him a man for was nervous case, not? Either seems

This, too, most if made a tattoo organizing • on on become and asked that this means? The answer need to seek whole, test? I.e. wife must will close eye on tattoo, and come to love me thus what I there is? C organizing • nom on become? Close eyes on the that I-tard? Need to same seek whole :D nourished German nothing not forever under the sun, and such body with tattoo, too, goes expensive, big deal you idiot was young, or I that the've overdone it? :D

Why he not gave the answer specifically? More simply.

This Litvinov, that Lavrov on kind of.

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Rover /

and on video, ah a what? This that what the mystery, on top knowledge from him?

Ah is dyad correctly on sights meant, on my view. That cannot be their / symbols-signs / outside context life assess, try to understand to what they you lead. "-" without them not obkhodisya, means need to learns their rip.
And mystery no there is no on fact, and if it comes and was, then explain it words futile.
With new year!

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Santa designer Valentin in Valdzassene

About how as human bones become legend or conveyor production saints — Precious leftovers from the.

Santa designer Valentin term protector. Of mentally disabled. Yakov Ushakov(the reference)

Likes our people holidays. Likes ardently, of himself, until a goddamn kite. Take although would the end of the December and the beginning of January. Begins triumph with of Christmas Catholic. Not important, that Western — the whole world notes, and we that, worse? Ah that you, even better. They something one thing Christmas are celebrating, and we as much as two. After Catholic of Christmas goes New A year. Here — at all without comments. Congestion on the streets, gifts, drafting the menu, which zatverdzhuyutsya on family councils for month before vozhdelennogo days. With shelves stores smetaetsya all. Crowds people skitter with wild eyes on city with broomstick mounts ,-stuffed, myselfjust a products. Such impression, that people not nutritious with past 1 th January and after New Year feed not will until the next. To 31-Mu number of all talk between people smoothly come down to the, where. - Hurry, Nick, that there is and that to drink. Yes, and importantly — not forget what year us yet to: Goats, sheep, dogs or haphazardly. In dependence from this need unkind on-special covering up, bark, crowing, hiss, lest o 'luck meself nemerenoe happiness. Not know, as about other animals, but role pigs manages to most with spark of. "As meet New A year, so his and gonna spend", — holds a common proverb. On me, been sitting the entire year the face of in salad not very the interestingly. Then suited time the Orthodox of Christmas. Ah, if perishing therefore, noted, then its something and all the let's note. All the more that celebration public and day output. Except relatively tiny number of believers, which will come in this day in the Yasukuni, only the most mature from of our people will take a direct broadcast Patriarch's blessed time, with appetite snack on after another Afghanistan. Other same and at all not know that, in end, marks: Day birth the whether Santa Klaus, then whether and Bergen Frost.

And here unwittingly you wonder: And that same such celebration? About this can be long optimistically, but all holidays, and valery, and secular, unites one thing — content. Need all-??? understand, what rejoice at and that recall, otherwise any date can be turn, on famous priskazke, in "day granenogo Bada." And these days can be in the calendar ah raze not less three hundred sixty-five. Tell, ah what deal can be Karelin man until such holidays, as November 7, 1 on May, "Day Independence"? Accurately such same, as and until "Day Alekseei of King Bhutan" or "under Acquisition the Harvest Bananas." All the more if fathom how he in sense and history many otmechaemykh have us dates, then to call their "holidays" simply it is a sacrilege.

Читать далее...

But not typically recognized we deal with their old "holidays", all about traditional after 1917, as on our land stormed out new of suicidal. Imposed means media, muddy the flood of rolled into our lives any "Halloween" and "Day St. Valentin." People liked. Emerged glee reason have a good time. On question, what attitude this has to Russia and its traditions, is all the same that deadly argument: "Ah that we, worse other?." There is no, not worse, simply to us this not has absolutely no relations. Yes and not only to us, but and to Reason, too,. Because recently domestic production was "celebration Day St. Valentin", like would much detail stop on that date. Implementing in our lives new holidays highly benefits those who injects such innovations. Bears this highly are decent profits from sales possible medicine souvenirs, postcards, trinkets. Remains only regret, that our countrymen so simply willing to accept any, even the most a delirious idea, imposed from outside. To speak here about Russians traditions futile. Celebration same! Wow!

To give holiday industry modicum what something justification and agreement, need create intention around a new days and try to ??? his in alluring wrapper, "with sense." And here is, from one in publications in another, on television and radio, are beginning migrate supreme trickle-down theory — one bezgramotnee the other. Overall sense comes down roughly to the next:

"In III century emperor Claudius II leader was coming surmount the world, but Roman Catholics army experienced acute lack of soldiers for military hikes, that seriously impair combative one plans. Source of all woes Claudius II saw in marriage, and so has forbidden rite of passage wedding. But between loving hearts of there is no impediments — and here is Bishop designer Valentin disdains ban a tyrant. Customs have come secretly. But have emperor everywhere their henchmen do, and very soon Valentin challenge in prison.

For a few days until punishment to him cite girl, daughter one of jailers, which was hard is sick, and designer Valentin was its the last best hope. Using its salubrious uncanny ability, designer Valentin cures its, but him very already help cannot be. Penalty reassigned on 14 February. For day before punishment designer Valentin asked have from a captor paper, the handle and the inks and quickly wrote young girl a farewell pismo.14 February 270 year his summarily executed. And girl opened note to, where designer Valentin wrote about its love and signed "Your designer Valentin." On other versions of, this letter was meant for for children and friends Valentin, devoutly his loved. Was this is so or otherwise, but hence notes in day St. Valentin look utterly natural and even necessary part of holiday.

In 496 year the Roman Pope pope Gelasius I announced 14 February day saintly Valentin. Since then couples worship saintly Valentin and consider his their champion. In this day very popular telling wedding and cathedral. Say, that this collateral eternal love. "

Quite impossibly history, but have one thing large BUT: In it there is no nor words truth. Perfect respect to lack of accuracy modern the legend documented, that The ancient Church not knew a special little wedding. Merriments, marriage was taking place through blessing on a joint life, a brief prayer he and a joint participation bridegroom and bride’s in the Eucharist. An independent same style wedding — quite somewhat later origin and known with's century.

All my attempts link 14 February with somehow either sacred Valentin Berlinsky could be formed an utter failure. In orthodox mesyatseslove in this day no designer Valentin not mentioned nor on Yulianskomu, nor on day slower Julian calendar). In over the Catholic calendar on this day marks memory two odnoimennykh saints — prester-Valentin Roman's and Valentin, he Terniyskogo. So as action is happening in III century, speech goes about saints single the Church, respectively depicted these martyrs can be read as in Catholic majority, so and in those outside svyattsakh. Indeed, 30 July on old style Russian Church celebrates memory Martyr Alexander are kept in Valentin, Bishop Interamny (terni). Here is that undocumented about him his depicted:

"Santa designer Valentin was bishop cities Interamny in Umbria (Italy) in rule emperor Aurelian (270-275 devolving He have courage at from God gift to heal disease, calling for name of God Lord Jesus Christ. Once he has cured one a young boy from grave malaise. Announcement about this miracle had spread in Rome, and many have become turn to Christian faith, in including and son Mayor. Mayor, pagan-the fanatic, the entire their anger threatened both on St. Valentin. His have become forcing disown from faith and worship the idols. When saint have refused, his defied in prison, and soon he was death. "

Specific findings same about the Roman presvitere to Valentina we can find in orthodox calendar 6 July old of style. He suffered in reign by the emperor Claudius II (268-270). Pagans were converted was beheaded confessor prester-Valentin and being paid them in Christianity which sends 80 members dignitary Astria for bold confession Christ.

As see, even hint modicum what something reconcile real events raskhozhey legend there is no. Became be, and saint designer Valentin here not ????. Incidentally, the Catholic tradition is by no means links occurrence "Day St. Valentin" nor with one of saints, memory which committed in the this day. Contrary view about his Catholic nature, this celebration wears purely secular, indeed do, pagan character. In reaffirming this can say, that image of the "culprit, the celebrations" — the most saintly Valentin you hardly manages find on possible medicine 18th centuries since and both. Their fill the images fatty cupids, sit quiet arrows, pronzennykh hearts and any sign a different foolishness. About real origins this days there are many versions of. Known the assumption, that this celebration goes back to the Roman crashing Lupercalia — festival of eroticism. In honor goddess "likhoradochnoy" love. There is opinion, that his origins, should seek in medieval povere about how, that in mid-February have birds begins in South period. In ties with this day 14 February was considered specifically to the dedicated suggestion is: Can be was to send amorous letters and give gewgaws, resemble about love.

But no one particularly not tries to to ruminate over sense holiday. Indeed, what the difference, in late all, that celebrate? People lashes, guide your footsteps if flow in hands entrepreneurial speculators, and all happy with. Day saintly Valentin is sweeping on country. Our youth, cannot opportunity in another times have fun, quickly quite there, yet in how need celebrate a new date. We not worse other, we as in Europe. Here you and postcards with idiotic images, rollicking drinking-bouts, sprees with all stemming, and amorous recognition, sometimes even in verses. Say, galantnye the French the first introduced have themselves "long valentine" — amorous messages-chetverostishya. Us same remained only adopt and develop have themselves this custom.

Want revere? Running. Here is — the most bright art this genre.

For example, lyrical:

Over s unlovely his smile,
For your brown eyes
On the sky, his,
And on earth medular syndrome I!

And here is recognition:

In day saintly Valentin
I in love with, and you loved.
As wanted to would I, to you
Me priznalasya in love.
Ills all will come the end of the —
And shall go we under a wreath.


In day saintly Valentin
Congratulate necessary.
With freedom the disobedient you!
All, dissipated love supply.


I learned, that I have
There is a huge bullshit!
I me going confidently with it on globe
And love and the contestant and this
Olga, Tanya, Ksyushu, lyudu,
Vasylissa tomorrow d.
And Oksana and Svetlana
And on of authoritarianism plans
And Larisku and Angela
And rented between affair
Veronica, Anja, Gianni to,
Modicum she and in polozheni,
And Polina and Barbarian
And schtupping the boss down with Tamara,
Babu Klavu, Babu dare to
And Danilo and gruzina
And his hound Glashku
And a and the turtle
And path and the woods,
In field every, hold a reed,
All being, not alive —
This all my, native!
All love on light of I —
Here is concept my!

And, finally — an open:

Setting would life quite intolerably boring,
When it comes not this luster of guilt!
As in sight, not in vain
We have celebration.

As in sight — not in vain. Now, on European tradition, saint designer Valentin recognized saint all lovers and in Russia. It seems, me, too, will have be noted this date. Nowhere not, stupidly. — need to as all. Truth, looking on all happening, so and pulling be noted celebration in the tradition Germany. Conservative Germans stubbornly consider saintly Valentin saint. Mentally sick, decorate in this day all mental hospitals 11th bands - not, and in chapels spend a special gathered. Here is perishing, truth: "That Russian nice, then ministry death."

Can be, have someone after reading this articles will emerge question, and that same to do? Than replace all those holidays, which alien Russian people, but to which people are accustomed. Wasn poorly revere defenders of of fatherland or glee times pay homage to woman? Not poorly. All the more, that on Russias were long existed similar memorable dates, celebration of which need draw on instead colorful coral reefs in our lives from outside and nothing, except destruction national traditions, in itself not Bell. However holidays, reflecting tradition Russian people and akess deep Orthodox sense, stubbornly are ignored.

Thus, "Day defender of the motherland" should become one of days Russian military glory. With my view, the most suited for this day 21 September — when is celebrated Christmas of the Virgin and Day victory of Russian troops on Tartars they field. Also need celebrate Dmitrovskaya Line route diagram the parent Saturday — traditional day memory all of Russian warriors on the field vituperation please remember the names. Feminine day on Russias always been a mark third Sunday after Easter — Week saints Wives Of-Mironosits. And instead a new days saintly Valentin on Russias already many centuries there is day saints Peter and la, patrons blossoms happiness.

Voice conscience, N2, 2003.

Вместо эпилога



#p53349,Rover wrote:

this all clear, good-evil, philosophy one thing-another and camping on D. Without for good there is no of evil and camping on Afghan

Javadxan, flies Kabbalah through cutlets, ah and contrary, cutlets through flies. And increasingly together this - demshiza

on fact"evil" (’ s) = contrasting the what or whom either, what or whom either Different! (Example: The best - enemy good and camping on D.)

The-there is, activist you our is a plant, in tsitatke higher, for good there, only protivopost, that there is: Evil

"Good" and self ponyaie, and not requires itself shizoidnykh antagonizmov. Yes as and "Evil"

Not understandable. Then pro cutlets with flies, - your level of attainments

P. S.
Let us, lose.



the International Day DNA
Annually 25 April in different countries world marks taken the unusual celebration – the International Day DNA.

Such a date was chosen in memory about how, that 25 April 1953, in magazine will James Watson and Francis Ick jointly with Maurice directly Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin published a results research structures molecules DNA.

Exactly 50 years later, 25 April 2003, was announced, that project launched of the human genome close to conclusion. An additional analysis some sites genome still not completed, however the main work over project been accomplished. Definition of structures human genes – an important step for development health.

DNA – this dezoksiribonukleinovaya acid. Precisely in DNA deposited our genetic information, and it is this test is one of the most popular to establishing akin to ties. Opening the spiral DNA became for science revolutionary. Thanks to finding a DNA was underworld unfolds code heredity, is identified genetic risk, launched the formation programmed properties organism, is undertaken recovery heredity, are being created technology gene engineering.

In the US Day DNA first time noted 25 April, he was officially proclaimed by both’Congress – by the Senate and House of Representatives by. However Day DNA was declared one-time endeavor nowadays, not an annual holiday.

Organization ??????, “Day receptions DNA, with 2003 Hypnotizes National institution research of the human genome (own unit the National Institute health in city of Bethesda, state Maryland, the US). Date weaker IP, but unkind account for for April: So, in 2010 his noted 23 April, in 2011 st – 15 April, in 2012 st – 20 April. Some organizations in different countries world note 25 April as the World day DNA or the International day DNA.

In Russia first time Day DNA commemorated 24 – 25 April 2009 in Krasnoyarsk area public a medical University. In these days over spirit arrangements, covered crashing, in including open lecture for teachers, students, schoolchildren, doctors, demonstration of scientific and scientifically-popular video films, “great discoveries genetics.




4 ноября

День воинской славы России — День народного единства
Отмечается в нашей стране ежегодно 4 ноября, начиная с 2005 года. Этот праздник установлен в честь важного события в истории России — освобождения Москвы от польских интервентов в 1612 году, и приурочен к Дню Казанской иконы Божией Матери.

16 декабря 2004 года Госдума РФ приняла одновременно в трех чтениях поправки в Федеральный закон «О днях воинской славы (Победных днях России)». Одной из правок было введение нового праздника — Дня народного единства — и фактическое перенесение государственного выходного дня с 7 ноября (День согласия и примирения) на 4 ноября. Основной причиной переноса, по мнению многих аналитиков, стало желание полностью снять ассоциации с годовщиной Октябрьской социалистической революции (7 ноября 1917 года).

В настоящее время 7 ноября отмечается День воинской славы России — День проведения военного парада на Красной площади в городе Москве в ознаменование двадцать четвертой годовщины Великой Октябрьской Социалистической революции (1941).

В пояснительной записке к проекту закона отмечалось: «4 ноября 1612 года воины народного ополчения под предводительством Кузьмы Минина и Дмитрия Пожарского штурмом взяли Китай-город, освободив Москву от польских интервентов и продемонстрировав образец героизма и сплоченности всего народа вне зависимости от происхождения, вероисповедания и положения в обществе».

Мало кто знает, что еще в 1649 году указом царя Алексея Михайловича день Казанской иконы Божией Матери (22 октября по старому стилю) был объявлен государственным праздником. Кроме того, в начале 20 века 8 мая по старому стилю вспоминали Кузьму Минина, которого еще Петр I назвал «спасителем Отечества».

Позже, из-за революции 1917 года и последующих за ней событий, традиция отмечать освобождение Москвы от польско-литовских интервентов и день кончины Кузьмы Минина прервалась.

Таким образом, можно сказать, что День народного единства не новый праздник, а возвращение к старой традиции.

В этот день по всей стране проходят праздничные гуляния, концерты, представления и спортивные мероприятия. В разных российских городах политические партии и общественные движения организуют митинги, шествия и благотворительные акции. Но главные мероприятия, посвященные Дню народного единства, проходят в сердце праздника — Нижнем Новгороде, и на Красной площади в Москве.


Что празднуем 4 ноября? // Открытая студия (1:34:00)



#p83294,swed.loki wrote:

4 ноября

Что празднуем 4 ноября? // Открытая студия (1:34:00)

Сначала делаем всех россиянами, потом вводим новые нации, сибиряк, казак и тд. - "возвращение к истокам". Убираем нацию россиянин, оставляем нации как есть - нет больше русских. Занавес.



#p83308,Деревенский wrote:

Сначала делаем всех россиянами, потом вводим новые нации, сибиряк, казак и тд. - "возвращение к истокам". Убираем нацию россиянин, оставляем нации как есть - нет больше русских. Занавес.

Все народы искусственны, сделаны в свое время литературным языком/образованием/письменностью/историей. Технологично выделены из родового общества людей.
Одна из глобальных программ внематрицы. Которая осуществляется и сейчас.

"Русский народ", как ни печально, делался с начала 18 века, сразу после апокалиптики, всеми перечисленными способами.

На момент создания слово НАрод означало народившуюся генерацию, не более. Постепенно его сделали главным во всей духовной парадигме. Сейчас это главное в парадигме слово, поэтому пользуемся им, другого не мыслим.

Исконно: род - родина - природа (то, что при роде).

Самоназвание большинства потрошителей, оставленных на земле после апокалипсиса создавать народ, было росы. Однокоренные , введенные с начала 18 века - Россия, россияне. Потому они и звучат сейчас из всех утюгов в пропаганде, стравливающей с остальным миром. Внематрица пытается пробуждать память у внуков потрошителей. Проблема в том, что ЭТА память не пробуждается: Россию любим, но очеловечились за три века.



#p83311,горожанин wrote:

Все народы искусственны, сделаны в свое время литературным языком/образованием/письменностью/историей.




#p83311,горожанин wrote:

Самоназвание большинства потрошителей, оставленных на земле после апокалипсиса создавать народ, было росы. Однокоренные , введенные с начала 18 века - Россия, россияне. Потому они и звучат сейчас из всех утюгов в пропаганде, стравливающей с остальным миром. Внематрица пытается пробуждать память у внуков потрошителей. Проблема в том, что ЭТА память не пробуждается: Россию любим, но очеловечились за три века.

Опаньки, неожиданный поворот).

А как же потомки великой расы, ведущей свой отсчёт как минимум от Перуна, на худой конец от Атлантов или космических переселенцев? :dontknow:

Хотя, что-то в этом есть: вот человек думает, что у него просыпается память великих божественных предков и растёт духовность, а это отголоски программы потрошения. Интересный ход мысли. :|


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