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Many run article pro fall morally inter-landscape and intellectual agility in the Western World.

Home guy from Russian speaking went in Canada teach English in one of best Canadian linguistic schools. There on lesson Sunday? Article, where privodilas statistics on Climate obesity in world. In article former conclusion about how, that the problem acquired maximum scope in anglophone countries.
Forth was test with question: "Vliyaet whether the study of English language on glee weight?"Home man on this lunatic looking question responded of course same "No". The right answer was "Yes"! Our guy tried to argue with student-teacher meeting challenged in Canada Indian a. On that she answered: "Of course same" Yes "- the right answer", - and led example, when its as during relocated from India in Canada and began study English language, then in a result've got fat.

This says about full atrofirovanii vision of elementary causality could investigative ties already have Borzunov the composition. Grew already whole generation teachers, appropriate level their graduates. Even if in the West will want return system education in bounced back, the they simply not will find caregiver number of teachers, capable of to develop normal textbooks.

And of us make such same zombies


- hello, I the Kenyan monkey, president the US the brain criterion is also unnecessary.
- very pleased,Tsar
- and pro the brain you correctly said.



Missurskaya Peoples Republic get back a little know, raging against Pindosii

Their "Berkut" snot not is chewing

88 marshal on its knees have embassy the US in Moscow, demanding to punish policeman in ferguson
Students marshal on its knees have embassy the US in Moscow, demanding to punish policeman in ferguson. 295901.jpeg
Russian and foreign students conducted share have embassy the US in Moscow after demise teenagers Michael Brown in the American city of Ferguson and have called to punish the guilty in death young rights. As reports RIA News, on share poured more 150 people. They marshal on its knees and raised hands upward, remind, that precisely in such pose was fired Brown.

, patellar the fetish had evolved to Moscow



Dmitry" wrote:

This is says about full atrofirovanii vision of elementary causality could investigative ties already have Borzunov the composition. Grew already whole generation teachers, appropriate level their graduates. Even if in the West will want return system education in bounced back, the they simply not will find caregiver number of teachers, capable of to develop normal textbooks.

A total allergy brain through substitutes sugar and several other ideas, massirovanno introduced in waste industry, began with 1950s in the US, slightly later - in Europe and the USSR. Get back a little wrote about this
On all lines this global vnegosudarstvennaya program. Synthetic "the American nation" the first bore a honeydew flow with the help substitutes with cumulative effect.


25 … sment.html

Colorado school drops sexual harassment claim against 6-year-old who kissed girl
Amid a tidal wave of negative publicity, a Colorado school system has let a 6-year-old boy return to school and said it won't classify his kissing a girl on the hand as sexual harassment.
The story of first-grader Hunter Yelton made national news and spurred outrage this week after word spread that his school near Colorado Springs suspended him for the kiss and accused him of sexually harassing the girl.
On Wednesday night, CNN affiliate KRDO reported that Canon City Schools Superintendent Robin Gooldy met with Hunter's parents. The superintendent then changed Hunter's disciplinary offense from "sexual harassment" to "misconduct."
The boy has also returned to school at the Lincoln School of Science & Technology.

Department education Colorado, sets an lawsuit to 6-and year old boy, which rice-3-'s year devochkuyu. Date rape thing go away blame in sexual harassment case. Deal reeks saw. American dolboiiizm continues to be surprised.
CNN is receiving this trial special attention, the entire country is worth on tinnitus.
Why in the US acts law about sexual harassment case? - nothing here complex there is no, as always. This law allows plant on term until 25-and years, any political opponent. Criticizing government? - touch it for a second until child and you enjoy tranquility go in prison, increasingly democratically, nothing personal.
In conditions, when in the US 90 interest incidence of imbetsilizmom, such laws give hiccup, and even and television, fanning problem until Cyclop proportions.
Hunter Yelton from nesmyshlyonogo your baby, in a heartbeat, transformed in sexual maniac. Family boy 100-percentage broke, increasingly the matrimonial unsustainable hard and increasingly on winning electoral majorities free loans, now going on lawyers.



Over take pictures on the Brooklyn the bridge Russian you received 90 days public works

Court New York City has pronounced novice Russia Yachting Kolchinu, which climbed atop a tower the Brooklyn bridge, to make several photographs. In as a punishment 24-year old a man appointed an 90 days public works. Almost three months, according to solving judges, he will launder bridge.

To with him was, if would he past in Manhattan with looking into the radiation badge and look them in kanalzatsynikh lyuchkakh.



In Capetown Utah was allowed initiated many

the Federal Court state Utah has authorized initiated many. About this reports Associated Press. Judge Clarke Voddups hawk lawsuit money being-mnogozhentsa of Mormon Cody Brown, which drama in Court after, as okruzhniy prosecutor threatened stir up against him criminal deal. On time proceedings Brown with my family on anyone case relocated in Las Vegas (state Nevada), where on his initiated many watched through fingers.



Over virtual terrorism from 25 years until lifetime

grave consequences turned into a prank teenagers-sowas from Louisiana.

In a courtroom Louisiana 15-year-old Paul Horner started bawling after, as judge acknowledged his convicted on two counts charges in home suspects and was sentenced to twenty five years until lifetime conclusions in federal jail.

Lost in networks in Battlefield 4 and not coined nothing smarter as trigger riot police on house to his rival with tweet about makeover hostages. ESU, ESU had flown and fatally wounded chapter family. Information about the mercy naturally not has been vindicated.
Decoding telephone call in 911 on court: I simply shot four people. Policemen, which will breach in my house I, too, 'll kill.

After investigations incident, Horner been indicted as adult, using position Law about struggle with terrorism 2001.

Prosecutor Tom laws! So gave assessment of action Horners dig: Action Horner are a net evil, he is threat for society and should be ever been put on responsibility across austerity of law.

Having heard verdict from 25 years until lifetime, Horner began weep.

Judge Digsby graduated its speech verdict words: Leave its property pride in digitally world, where this still safely. Actions in the real world not have button emerge. And every a parent should ensure, that their children understand this.



Chic the film, in especially the remaining. Lets take're changing on any country and profit, equipped opposition jingle. With 70-'s American absolutely increasingly copied here in 2000s CIS.
Sol land American. America 70 the 1990s


Tomar Lusardin
23 October
In the US power denounced discrimination smenivshego gender

Run a special adviser the US in Thursday were private definition of in respect discrimination in case Tamara Lusardi. This civil burner used overland troops, in past a man, which in 2010 replaced the gender and had been submitted discrimination with hand chthonic. As writes newspaper "Washington post", this man worked in research and development center missile research Diplomatic troops the US.

Newspaper reports, that after 2010 ground troops have limited opportunity Lusardi enjoy the toilet bathroom, colleagues treated to it mans name and stopped providing it work.

Buttressed in overland 26s still as a man with 1986 on 1986 and crowning achievements in operations "Mountain Storm in desert" Lusardi ininterview reported, that her colleagues on work continued turn to it "Sir" or "it", despite the that she by law changed the name of, driving license martyrdom and which to secrecy, and also starters dress as woman.



In the US detonated rocket-host Antares

-Shpiyon Gave kontrakhayku (E. Federov)




American rocket Antares detonated through several seconds after takeoff, significantly damaging with start-up the table commercial Launch. But it turns out that this was not Antares, and rocket was not the American, and Baikonur was called "M & M's. Number of symbolism simply hike.

Call this otherwise as "revenge gods" I cannot.


Rocket Antares - the Beautiful the American shell of for old Soviet your gut. Once, in wild 90s, by pillaging cheated and Vampire Bat always craves its adversary, Americans had gotten 3 a dozen Soviet missile used only NC-33. Trek rumors, those the most, with 70-'s, thats move was prepared on Soviet s program. Templating engines have remaking on Ukrainian spaceports , adapting under new American needs. And that on advices, that will long descended from with distance there is, and fly need to all more and more!? For camouflage ever could, on long-standing of habit, around the gave their name - engine now AJ-26, rocket - Antares, and all together - fleet of ship Cygnus. DOCG level figure out what's who that did. Here is they - welcome alternative commercial zvedolety Antares!

Heavenly signs

But rocket Antares named on Different. Until 2012 name of was - Taurus II. Who was clueless man difference almost there is no, big deal, astrology. But the difference there is, and she great!

Antares (Montagu-Ares) - "heart of of Scorpio", one of four greatest stars, the guardian West, according to skin) tradition. And Sunik opposes calf (Taurus). Moreover, Antares is almost accurately in opposition to the other the greatest star the demented, which is considered guardian East. Together this a stinging couple creates "axis catastrophes", well known everyone zvezdochetu. Physically Sunik applies to Western sector zodiac, and Taurus - to-. As something uncomfortably they renamed in protivostoyaschee, not find? Kind of a rising star "change gender"

So, templating engines NC-33, made ON VOSTOKE in result and customized on Ukraine, deservedly so could called Taurus (Taurus) or on thin the end of the Aldebaranom. Ukraine at all fully is governed by Taurus. But for some reason rocket was PERENAZVANA names ZAPADA.

Note on still one detail. Rocket Antares must was start with a new commercial Launch, which has name MARS together with (acronym from Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport). Mars - this is a master mark Sunik. See, all down to the in tight tangle.

But and these not ends symbolism tragedy. The first demo flight Antares By 21 April 2013, in map the Sun in one throes with vami (in 2 st Taurus). And the current commercial start is nominated by 28 October, when the Sun is in opposition to first flying - in signs Sunik.

Katastrofichnyy start is nominated by immediately after heat eclipse in 1 throes of Scorpio, which was in sight in northern. America. I.e. in point standoff first worker in Taurus. Eclipse "sorted on counter" project Antares, western missile with eastern in my gut. With amazing precision start 28 October implemented a ghastly potential Antares immediately after start, when increasingly, still not vygorevshee fuel, a rip that was, kurocha Baikonur and destroying can 2.5-ton cargo.

That can be add.
Ah first: A fat 2 to the American astrologu, podbiravshemu date start, or leader project, oboshedshemusya without aid astrokonsultanta.
Second: The first flight is laying cycle on entire a series of. Lovers stars understand that this means.

And most importantly - it is time understand, that in world are found far more leisure options such as rafting forces, than poznavshie science people. Cannot be on God's effort another skins -. Cannot be offend God, and to think that can get away simply so. Twice this was recently occurred puppet-master the US: Attack on Ossetia during Olympics in Beijing, military coup in Kyiv during 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Both times an offended Mars, is a master contests, feel weak s belongings.

I not know that such stars and gods. Odushevlenye principles? Embodiment of spirituality physics? Net force around the? I know only, that there is ancient symbols, hew hacked the-language, on which exalted are talking with us. These symbols man well under force to notice.

And them would still, understand we or not.

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In Mexico sponsor in the murder of 43 students recognized its blame
43 human remain missing, after as 26 September in Iguale policemen and armed civil faces raked participants shares protest against approved authorities countries reforms in sphere education. Victims of massacre have become six man, another 25 injured.

In Mexico the protesters against kidnapping students have seized several institutions
Within investigations was review, that students were detained employees police, however their not dispatched in the assistant, and had transferred perpetrators.
That web camera? o.O


34 … t-2014--L1



wrote: t-2014--L1

That this, the film? Tell us in short content although would



Police has carried of a sting operation against a bull.
Reportedly received from of our source in police, bull represented threat national security.
Police shot a cow for no reason. It's just fun for cops.



Teraristy have broken into pentagon :D



Even not know, and here America wants thwart Russia.
Americans want thwart rossiyanke Overlord on pornotron
Artificial demarcation point or interface spiritual skrepy, dayosh pornotron.



Chicago policeman exonerated on trial about murder of
95-year-old the veteran World War II
Staffer law enforcement agencies not adopted in attention,
That in the hands of have man was simple stick, and mark in him.

In July 2013 Craig Taylor (Craig Taylor) been indicted in the murder of John Vrana Lake (London Wrana). Judge district Cook acknowledged policeman innocent. He said, that Taylor acted according to officials with instructions, and nothing criminal in his actions there is no. "He has done what his are taught," said he.

Vran lived in House nursing, and in day his death refused to accept drugs. To not to drink pills, he was waving before employees institutions school and spoon for shoes. Nurses understood, that not freeing up with generously patient as, and summoned police.

One of policemen mark in Vrana Lake, but emperor. However Taylor fell. An old man died from domestic said.



Not know, far this the intel elbow. But this to globalization accurately applies.

There is such a company Black Rock, here is a bit information about it there is in Russian wikipedia

Four thousands of billion! It is difficult imagine, ? A big, humungous concentration of capital.
Prof.. Dr. Max Hautet, German economist writes, that they have shares all German corporations, participants in DAX, in many they the largest minoritarnyy shareholder, their packages shares allow them exert influence. And, ostensibly, this is one reason such sluggish reaction German corporations on sanctions against Russia, an important for them trade partner.


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