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Trolls Islamic State

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Hackers Islamic State have broken into
As reports our source of in US Pentagon, pentagonovtsami accurately review, that this were precisely hackers Islamic State.

Hackers Islamic State have broken into 50 thousands of accounts in Twitter -- KP
Hackers Islamic State have broken into 54 thousands of accounts in Twitter -- rusvesna
Hackers Islamic State have broken into account central command Angolan Armed forces the US.
Hackers Islamic State have broken into network Moscow subway.
Hackers Islamic State have broken into-members governments Britain.
Hackers Islamic State have broken into site or record Lutheran church.
Militants Islamic State have broken into site Australian height Catholic Church.
Hackers Islamic State (, the banned in trades abroad terrorist organization) have broken into more 600 Russian sites.

We underrated opportunities hackers Islamic State :angry: :angry:

handle payback our::D
Hackers have broken into 5500 accounts in tweets, beleaguered militants Islamic State.. LifeNews
Hackers have broken into site Islamic State, stationed there advertising drugs and the writing Calm down





#p53009, wrote:

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And balcony yponil.

Oops, where was I last night the - not asking day with fire!
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And took to itself to live.














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President Islamic State
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Perishing not McCain whether gave Abu Prince Bakar of Georgia the clock Rolex Milgaus? :D

the 8th the US announced, that pays back 10 million dollarsthe US for information, which would lead to an arrest or death this human (higher Americans estimate only leader Al Qaeda Aymanas-Zawahiri in 25 million). Wiki

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D



Israels company Drek, which Hypnotizes organization ?????? for men unconventional orientation, issued posters with an advertisement thematic party. On them represented two men, one of whom portrays same time-executioner, and the other sacrifice, which sentenced to death.

As reports the British publication Independent, the party took place in Sadecki Friday in one of clubs Tel Aviv. Users Internet done dissecting scandalous images, most came up with gnevnymi star status under photographs of punishment.

One of organizers of, Amiri his chamber, in the answer wrote post, in which called advertising share satire. On his words of, this image of the attracts targeted audience and simultaneously deride Islamic radicals.

We monitored the all events in world. So we do already for many years. We reject violence in any form. We not are going thus intimidate society. This satire on them (Islamic State), told his chamber in Facebook.



the US - creator of Islamic State

American President Barack Obama, conversed with journalists station's Vice News, told about his vision on role the US in education terrorist groups "Islamic State." Obama directly declared about involvement States in its just.

Also ex-prime Britain Tony Blair made sensational recognition in interview CNN. It turns out, invasion in Iraq the US and allies in 2003 was a mistake and led to emergence Islamic States of.

Confirm the creation America terrorist groups Stock and intelligence agencies. For example, about this states in report DIA reception - he was published summer-2015 and produced effect a ruptured cerebral bomb in many countries.

Himself report into an important August 2012, initially he not was intended for overlook and spread that among American intelligence. Analysis events, primary in that period on Middle East say in favor of, that Washington was interested in expansion Islamic State - for suppression of mainstreams regimes, for example.

Perishing someone, but even Turkish journalists (for example, Ibrahim Varly in Birg & # 252 ;n) write - Islamic State "initially was a product of American administration and Pentagon, exactly as and a precipitous fall in the a major Iraqi cities Mosul and flight government troops Iraq."

Agree, that precisely the US guilty of creating Islamic State and scientists, historians, theologians. So history Juan Cole from at the University declared in article Washington Post, that "mistakes White House after the invasion in Iraq helped growth Stock." With him stand in solidarity led general and military columnist Robert Skales.

President Vladimir Putin, speaking on HA UN in this year,, too, increasingly subject moreover, that Stock not was rates on an empty place, and took shape on backdrop of eliminate the US mainstreams them political regimes.

"So and want ask those who created such a situation - you modicum realize now, what you've done? Fear, this question of crunches in the air, because from policy, in basis of which lies assertiveness in his exceptionalism and impunity, so and not refused ", - concluded then he.

Answer there is no until now.



Phony Islamic State destroys wearing history.










Terrorists "Al Qaeda" denounced Islamic State for brutality

At 0 :2 2 is happening something not the.
With what side is Mecca?

:D :D Comas y nnada.



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#p55376,Dmitry" wrote:

Today 22 :36: 18

I such many see and on "ukropakh", too,. They are-- "fashionable", with different-myselfjust a rattles poobveshany. Elite, perhaps.


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