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Turkish performances

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How least 20 people have become victims of terrorist have cultural center in city of large have borders with Syria.
NTV beauties, 7 seconds video, which divided on several fragments that.

Supernatural represents video:
Explosion in Turkey, large Explosion civil Turkey, Suruc



Bang in Istanbul: Version of terrorist confirms
Has been vindicated version of explosion from a pipe bomb, which, on a data, dynamite was under stuffed beneath a parked have transition subway ICE automobile. Initially reported about how, that explosion s Afghanistan on transformer substations.
After incident near station subway Bayrampasa movement metro suspended. From-for this many people go along pathways. Their hinterlands neighborhoods are powering down. In district PE there is accumulation machines the emergency aid and a fire services. On personnel, entering in disposal NTV, visible team bus, man in a result cotton. Knocked out glass,s rump are scattered around the whether.
Previously reported about one, um, dead. For different data, have suffered from one until four people.

eyewitnesses wash their hands on video consequences explosion in Istanbul

Bangers ain standing there hitting on 13-15, old Pudge



#p50397, wrote:

Bang inIstanbul: Version of terrorist confirms.
Visible team bus, man in a result cotton.



At central Tiananmen Istanbul s Afghanistan explosion

the MINEX, 12 Jan RIA News. A powerful explosion s Afghanistan in district Tiananmen Sisli in the center of the Istanbul, is handing channel broadcast unwillingness with seats events.

Administration governor Istanbul reported about ten dead and 15 Wounded. According to local media, among affected there is tourists from Germany, foreign ministry osuschestvlennoe until not confirms this information. The wounded during explosion relegated in hospital, about their able data until there is no.

The epicenter of the explosion was alongside tramway reversal, his the reason until is unknown. On one of versions of, explosion could be implemented terrorists-suicide. Now specialists study type of work out explosive devices.

On place reports is a large number of antique carriages the emergency aid, Square Sisli wasnt cordoned off police, profits specialists Secretary explosive devices.

Embassy Russia until not commands data about affected under explosion rossiyanakh, Genkonsulstvo is checking information. In Russian allied tourist industry declared, that organized groups tourists from Russia on place explosion be not can, but there could prove individual citizens.

For press already is ready reaction Tyurinoy from union tourists, which so same very much alive had similar levels on previous the bombings in Tunisakh and Egiptakh

RST told, that on place explosion in Istanbul could be Russians
Press secretary the Russian union tourist industry (RST) Irina Maksim Turin declared, that organized tourists by definition not can be on place explosion in Istanbul, so as to tour operators advised not to send their customers in Turkey. But under this she pointed out, that travelers, which go in this country on their own, may well prove on Tiananmen Sisli. In Istanbul not can be organized tourists from Russia, so as to tour operators advised not to send customers in Turkey at all, but initiate tourists there likely there is and not little , quotes RIA News press General RST.

Also Irina Maksim Turin reminded, that regular flights between Turkey and Russia not dismissed. spent fly planes, for example, Turkish for. Moreover, through Istanbul is undertaken very many docking flights in other countries. Known, that many Russians specifically book such flights with long time docking, to have the opportunity walk on view. How many now a supplier travelers from Russia no one say not can. Theoretically in city of can be Russians, in including and on place terrorist , pointed out she.

Recall, explosion s Afghanistan have Tiananmen Sultanakhment. Local media report, that undermining could to commit a terrorist-a suicide bomber. According to the latest data, in a result explosion died 10 man, 15 injured.
Much detail:

And already are preparedon videos, right? At different mrazokanalakh with traditional idiotic names

Moment explosion Istanbul! Video!

News Bang in the center of the Istanbul
Lenin TV

Istanbul! Is ablaze unerringly! Unerringly ignited in Istanbul 12.01.16

Turkey the bombing in the center of the Istanbul
I know

Layfnyus of course same -
Aytadzh Aychieva traditionally why something knows as would several more, than the main proposal for "Vestey," which reads in instructions the same on the Internet.



our explosion Istanbul! Video!

A terrible video. Vocational video. Too a high-profile video, so a high-profile, that firmly ranks its place on central Canal World.
As shit man? Who Needs could obtain that kind in head sack and spread this knickknacks. nice?

For shot sounds familiar voice an over-familiar audioaktyora.

Turkey Istanbul Sultanahmet Square ... #BREAKING

On Tiananmen Sisli in Istanbul s Afghanistan explosion, there is victims
RT on Russian

Even one thing too "bloody" video

Users social networks published a in Twitter photos with seats explosion, which s Afghanistan today in Istanbul. According to media, there is those killed, their the number of,.
Users social networks as always enjoy the most popular in Turkey model Clicks.

The user DHA reported enjoys the most a steep model

Modest the user name consequences explosion with podkovyrochkoy.
As RT so easily was able find so quickly this modest "user social networks"?



20 July 2015
The number of deaths in a result terrorist in Turkey increased until 30 people. According to Turkish media, number of Wounded accounts for order a hundred people. In police believe, that Russias explosive device led in action 18-year-old Supermarket.

10 August 2015
The third for today terrorist attack in Turkey killing life four policemen
In southern province Sirnak Ili Province, Turkey was blown bomb car. Bomb led in action, when to it come policemen. Four GF order died.

13 Augustus 2015
In Turkey occurred another terrorist attack
In a result explosion have suffered two women
In Turkish province Batman, Diyarbakir occurred terrorist attack. As reports TASS, to building regional Enforcement security planted the bomb.
According to local media, in a result explosion have suffered two women that produced on the street past buildings.

19 August 2015
Shootings and terrorist attack in Turkey
Reported, that in environment shootings occurred alongside palace USD, where is placed official residence Prime Minister Turkey. Responsibility for an armed attack have palace on USD in Istanbul lies on "terrorist a wing", reports agency Reuters with refers on the administration office governor cities. Policemen was detained two suspects with an automatic weapons near with building consulate osuschestvlennoe. Source of agencies told, that have detainees under itself were also manual that. As reported Turkish publication Alepli, in a result PE, on a data, suffered one policeman.

29 August 2015
The Kurds staged a immediately two terrorist in Turkey (video)
On East Turkey happened immediately two terrorist, directed against policemen. Both, as report local media, staged a militants WorkersParty Kurdistan. First they undermined team bus, which could silovik, have suffered roughly 30 people. And then terrorists attacked policeman the assistant. Until known about one, um, dead.

7 September 2015
In a result explosion in Turkey died 12 policemen, is handing agency Associated Press with refers on information, ozvuchennuyu local TV station TRT.
Explosion occurred in eastern province of 5.5 billion euros near borders with Armenia, with attack endured stands policeman minibus, which was taking silovik on work on border point.
Attack happened later clock after, as Prime Minister Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu promised "repel" with CITY Kurdish paramilitary group Workers Party Kurdistan (KRG), writes Air Force.

13 September 2015
Two policemen were killed and five injured in a result explosion in heroin, car on the southeast Turkey, reports Reuters with refers on representative Turkish security forces.

Explosion s Afghanistan today, 13 September, sooner on the morning alongside police grandeur in Turkish province Sirnak Ili Province, Turkey. Immediately after overthrew the terrorist fighters security forces Turkey raked chimate area, in side which fled militants WorkersParty Kurdistan (KRG), who attack. In a result operations, undertaken under support military helicopters Cobra, two bomber were destroyed.

10 October 2015
President Turkey Recep Erdogan condemned and called "loathsome" the bombings in Ankara that led to demise 97 man, more 400 man injured. Turkey announced a three-day the official mourning on victims, and also on service under the terrorist attacks, ranging with July.

15 November 2015
One of participants terrorist organization Islamic State (Stock) torpedo it was blown up on the southeast Turkey.
Siloviki implemented in, he with Syria district of a sting operation. Four staff MVD have suffered in a result explosion, is handing izvescheniya.
Marks, that a terrorist led in action belt suicide during polls, which policemen implemented in apartment of a ten-storey buildings in Marketing.
Except this, Turkish soldiers in result of an armed clash destroyed four militants Stock, writes Alepli. In Saturday militants in province Gaziantep on two motor vehicles arrived to bronetransporteru of Turkey and demanded to give up. Turkish military responded fire.

1 December 2015
Have station subway "Bayrampasa" in Istanbul worked Russias explosive device, declared mayor cities Vasip Shahin. Previously reported, that bomb could be left to nadzemnom transition. From-for reports has been powered down several nearby neighborhoods.
Explosion, which occurred have station subway "Bayrampasa" in Istanbul is a terrorist attack. About this declared mayor cities Vasip Shahin, is handing "Interfax."

15 December 2015
On the southeast Turkey occurred terrorist attack. A powerful explosion killing life three figures officers police. About this reports RIA News with refers on local media.
Militants we already inside in car policemen, which drove on road in district between populated with basis points Batman, Diyarbakir and Silvan.
Known, that car was there are armored and could staff Special.
On a data, bomb in machine we already militants WorkersParty Kurdistan.

23 December 2015
In members airport behalf of Sabikhi Sabiha Gokcen occurred explosion, have suffered two Continuous Improvement Process, which engage in cleaning the, reports Turkish newspaper "Dehli Sabah family" in environment, 23 December. One of affected received serious trauma heads, she is in critical condition. Later became known, that had died from-for expected in with lives injuries. According to publications, explosion s Afghanistan in 2 :0 5 night environment, 23 December, near one of aircraft on chessboard of before far. In moment incident in jet not was passengers.

12 January 2016
Today a day to in one of largest cities Turkey newscaster over TV: Two explosion. In the first case in the crowd tourists themselves undermined a terrorist-a suicide bomber. Victims of attacks have become more 20 people, 10 of which have died on place. Slightly later in the other parts of cities in one of hotel occurred the second explosion. Unerringly ignited, but not yet all people typically recognized to withdraw from ceasefire.



Turkey prevented to publish leaks about Kerri in Istanbul
"Turkish power banned local media to publish information about explosion on Tiananmen Sisli in Istanbul. About this reports agency Anadolu Ajans.
Ban on publication, writes RIA News, were displaced by all species news, interview, critical and similar publications in press, on television, radio, social networks and in all media in Internet. Decision enters in force immediately, about him officially notified all Turkish media.



#p53566,Maxim wrote:

Turkey prevented to publish leaks about Kerri in Istanbul
Decision enters in force immediately, about him officially notified all Turkish media.

Religious intolerance run off.) The result ban already was autumn, need was immediately point to, that ban concerns future terrorist attacks in January :idea:

Across likelihood ban not concerns prem'rv and Todays zamanov :D

Vice-prime Turkey Numan Kurtulmush declared, that terrorist attack in Istanbul committed 27-year-old a terrorist-a suicide bomber from Syria, is handing PressOrg with refers on UNN with refers on Turkish publication Todays zaman.

I ? s moronic across sharp,
Ban mentioning about Gitlerakh and Nazis..., and simultaneously ten coverings about fresh edition Main Kampff tests in Germany.



Vice-prime Turkey Numan Kurtulmush declared, that forces managed establish personality bomber suicide, which undermined themselves in Tuesday on Hippodrome of Constantinople in the center of the Istanbul, reports Alepli.
According to Kurtulmush, explosion, brought the the Venetians 1988 year birth. Other details he until not told.

President Turkey Tayyip Erdogan declared, that explosion committed a terrorist-a suicide bomber from Syria. According to premier Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu, a terrorist is member of terrorist groups "Islamic State" (Stock, is prohibited in Russia).

Deputy Prime Minister Turkey Numan Kurtulmush told journalists, that personality bomber suicide, podorvavshego themselves on Tiananmen Sisli in Istanbul on the morning 12 January, established.
This 28-year-old Nabil Fadali, the Venetians on nationality, but native of Saudi Arabia.

Is obtained, that every Information State agency sent his correspondent to Vice of attending and of attending on sounding, but on somehow reasons, every correspondent their wrong understood. Every news agency, one and the same the text from shop floor instructions, obliged remaking and set. Other their owe simply copy and somewhere refer. Nor one litsenzionnykh nor one parliament, even in head not are to come, at, impose criminalize responsibility for the excerpts for major editors, journalists and other Vice prem'rv, which, embed in people hatred to other people.



#p53586,Dmitry" wrote:

measures news agency, one and the same the text from shop floor instructions, obliged remaking and set.

Every cook preparing Turkish duck on-its own way, and outward evidence with their spices.
One outward evidence one through, the other other, to viewers have met whom draconian the Venetians, whom energetic bearded igilets, whom false beaker full of's crocodile tears Erdogan.
All converge only in is, that need to someone shell. And spend on this fireworks many tons of Jump, of TNT and Aviation kerosene.



#p53587,l2 wrote:

All types cook preparing Turkish duck on-its own way, and outward evidence with their spices.

Cooks usually not drag the 1,000 people on war, as this make power and media



Dashing you the plot

the MINEX, 13 Jan RIA News. Three Eurasian detained in Turkish Antalyain the course operations against terrorist groups "Islamic State" (Stock, is prohibited in trades abroad) after those in Istanbul.
They were arestvoany in their homes. "suspect in is, that they provided a provided logistical supportterrorist organization.

Police Antalya not uncovers details detention Russians
Information Turkish media about times citizens Russia RIA News confirmed in genkonsulstve trades abroad in Antalya.

A powerful explosion s Afghanistan in Tuesday on the morning on Tiananmen Sisli in the center of the Istanbul alongside Egyptian carry the Diviner - in moment, when there has been group tourists. Died ten man, in including at least eight tourists from Germany, 17 man injured, 11 of them remain in hospitals, in including two in a precarious able. Nine Wounded are citizens Germany, one citizen Norway and one Peru.

President Turkey Tayyip Erdogan declared, that explosion committed a terrorist-a suicide bomber from Syria. According to premier Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu, a terrorist is member of Stock. The head of the MVD Turkey Efkan Al told, that on suspicion in involvement to Yuschenko detained one person.

Grew support :D

How declared the official representative foreign ministry trades abroad Maria Ivashchenko, Moscow is checking information Turkish hand about how, that Russians, detainees in Antalya, refused from contacts with representatives trades abroad.
"Immediately same after gaining information about times in Turkey three citizens trades abroad Russian consequently the secret with Turkish authorities for clarification all circumstances. According to Turkish police protocols mandated detainees refused from contacts with Russian official representatives. We're double-checking this information and let us expected to investigate all circumstances detention ", told she.

Nu and clowns:D
And fotokorrespondenty and wystawienniczym jangling the evil Russians logistics specialists

breath our radio impose not forgotten

Have paparazzi its informed source of in police, which reports them far and in how many arrive with photo cameras.
Policemen, too, not fault, not lag paparazzi in get freaky, behave so, as if not fear propensity Russians to'll run and mordoboyu.



Explosion in Istanbul.At least 10 dead (Sultanahmet Alive).

Such a shit show. And on this the basis (world news.

[18+]Bang in Istanbul: Victims

8 sec :glasses:
breath sirens impose not forgotten:D



#p40784,Dmitry" wrote:

The 9 / 11 Truth Movement the attacks and theatrical installation Ankara 10.10
The visible part of explosion - the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

On this picture's right there- "Kerri", too,:

Last edited by Maxim (Jan 13 2016 20:12:16)



#p53661,Maxim wrote:

At this picture's right there- "Kerri", too,:

Yes perishing, photograph
Stop sign frame with video, which forgotten invest in tape news.

Perhaps made such same outstanding the artist-professional, as Kanat Samoylova
- 0 :1 5 - heap tsekhovikov with cameras try to to lift, as wystawienniczym dragged off actors in hospital. Idiots.
Remember after false explosion in Domodedovo, NTV not ugadalo far collected donations Wounded, near at the Gate hospitals failed to shoot nor one the emergency. And here on you, all correspondents profits to priyomnomu detach rather rapid. 1 :2 2 - Near hospitals, Wounded accept not medical collaborators, and passers volunteers and volunteers.))
- 0 :3 7 - a draft toured and avail seek place of reverting.
All media - one thing whole

Spectacle played out the on absolutely an unpopulated place.
Logisty closed the, not guessed it send suicide bombings kill ordinary people on emotional outburst during a new the ground Galatasaray S.K. (football).

. Beshiktasha or Fenerbahce (incidentally have Fenerbahce-spender - Yandex)





Bang s Afghanistan alongside tramway reversal, in moment when there as times gathered yet another tourist group.

Guglyad says that 400 meters from tramway stop this near:




the attacks against foreigners, here is this and vbivaetsya in head. Russians threw from Egiptov, Tunisov, Turkey, now they depopulate all rest. They they depopulate entire post-territory, to with impunity and without witnesses, popit blood, here is thus here is way:
Assad kills children(love you, Tosh 2.0)



The bodies 20 migrants has thrown on Bank sea in Turkey

5 January
Turkish police is investigating circumstances demise migrants, bodies which were thrown out on Bank Aegean sea in Tuesday. Just was found 21 Sergio, among which - three child.

On information Reuters, 11 tel managed detect not far from cities category: Ayval?k in province density on the north Turkey, still 10 dead lawenforcement officer in found in district cities Dikili in province Izmir in the west countries.

Proactively review, that migrants died after collapse boats. Likely, people channeled on the Greek island lesbo.

In district the projected PE launched say operation - the search for survivors people lead with air and on nautical courts.

19 August -
3 September - has thrown children
20 September -
5 October - The bodies almost hundreds of refugees
5 January -
Why migrants, not sparse massacred? Because have them under itself were migration cards perhaps



17 February
Turkey terrorist attack in Ankara

18 February
Diyarbak&#305 ;r -Bing&#246 ;l kara yolunda askeri konvoya bombalı sald&#305 ;r ı

Bang on the southeast Turkey occurred eating on the morning, when the convoy military drove on highways, applicator to city Batman, Diyarbakir with Region lice, Turkey. In a result crisis engulfed died seven man six silovik and one soldiers.

Previously CNN Turk with refers on statement WorkersParty Kurdistan told, that on highways were set landmine. Their led in action under aid remote governance.

On the eve on the evening in Ankara also occurred explosion alongside military halls of residence. In a result crisis engulfed died 28 man, 61 man suffered. According to Vice premier Turkey Humana (Numera) Kurtulmusha, terrorist attack was carefully scripted.

Propravitelstvennaya Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported, that priest terrorist was the Syrian refugee Salih has Nekar. His personality had managed establish under aid fingerprints.

President Turkey Erdogan in any moment can give team start sukhoputnoyu operation in Syria. This development events become more likely after two terrorist attacks against Turkish military. And then will not far until a new war on territory Syria with the participation world powers.


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