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Project Khodos

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Yes said
Eduard Davidovich Khodos.
Writer and publicist, Ukrainian public figure, in past was head of Jewish communities in Kharkiv.
Received prominence thanks to its negative views to movement Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch.

The synagogue's to rules Kolomoyskim, not our Ukraine synagogue.



Zhidobanderovskiy Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch announce Putin “jihad ” Part 3

Elena Mazur and Eduard Khodos: On Maidan was order 30 - 300 armed well organized Jewish militants Israel’s (on invitation of rabbi was Reuven Asmana. So who these snipers Maidan.
. Dnepropetrovskie khabadovtsy openly are calling for posibility to set Russians, and threaten Putin tragic destiny, nothing more Persian of Haman.

Clear said, who precisely "is fueling" and one and another reversed.



Eduard Khodos. Speech on Roundtable produced table in Kharkiv.



From whom what opinion about Khodosa and this video in particular:

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Pro Ukraine and its role in scenarios

the World the presentation of the anti-Christ ’. Appeal to Orthodox Eduard Khodosa.

Interestingly, A city type thinks about Khabate (category: Chabad-Lubavitch (Hasidic dynasty)).

"Black as" fear all policy, bankers and the rest Jews. They suspect, that khabatniki possess whatever something insidious knowledge that allow them keep under control the entire Mir, politicians and media. Perhaps have them indeed there is of pearls governance clear conscience key people. Their knowledge they use not in good people, and for implementation moreover, in that believe, in arrival Moshiakha (anti-Christ ’). Create chaos on Earth have them became goes worse, and here is create illusion chaos, is obtained brilliantly. The "war on Ukraine" - this negative von, on which should obtain that kind Messianic figure, however von artificial, Messianic figure not came, and then they his) appointed an decree.



#p19026,Yu wrote:

Wu whom what opinion about Khodosa

"Khodos" - part of vistavi, installation entitled "Zionism - anti-Zionism."
On Forum already obuzhdalas the wall crying and other novostroi, games in Israel and near (Lebanon, Egypt) great many.

As can be not to see obvious thing that Khodos, as a Jew, plays izoblichitelya and "the Orthodox" politician, fires hatred to "Jews"?

This figure sits not where any, and in the center of the Ukraine and "belies a" Jewish power as Jew.
Crapping out hundreds of brochures with Occult Art, Occultism-konspirologicheskim axis.
Why? Not easier issue one-two big and ACTION labor, packaged in a holistic the?

The answer simple: A herd there is not will and will lose interest.

As on me so Khodos big figure postanovochnosti underway, svoebraznaya one path between ukro- and rusomatritsami.
Khodos vbivaetsya in heads not worse Starikovykh-Demushkinykh and other, many alternativisty-konspirologi like Stoleshnikova-Holmes actively piaryat Khodosa. Mrazokanal Shariya and mrazokanal Khodosa mutually follovyat each other on YouTube:

And most important: Postanovochnost have him so same, as and have all fa - under ban, that makes his thus same fa.

Jew, razzhigayuschiy hatred to Jews. Not be the first time.

#p35641,gav wrote:

When Lviv ar against Jews

Here is and audience Stoleshnikova-Khodosa. Them same not on tsentroSMI say who to blame and that to do))

In rusomatritse the entire westward Ukraine this Commission in the zhidobanderovtsy and rightist sector, and here such puncture)

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#p54437,Donmakaron wrote:

"Khodos" - part of vistavi, installation entitled "Zionism - anti-Zionism."

Apparently you not watched Khodosa. Not Jews, and specifically sect Habad, where Khodos had place be and to see. Rather through Khodosa what the Jewish elites not akess relations to economist Jean Habad try to otkrestitsya to not georgian.

Not untouched Khodosa because-that moshiakhom blessed even 4000m2 as well as 2-are with dollar currency.

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#p54462,Деревенский wrote:

where Khodos had place be and to see

Bystanders Grabowski boinga were and saw ruin and the as bodies dead went them in windows
And Egyptian rescuers heard cries from-under the wreckage of the. And bystanders 911 saw planes and jihadists.

Now they, too, can zapilit and noisy channel on YouTube and "weld vlozhiki about how they once something survived and saw.

Here is, incidentally idea for the Shop.

#p54462,Деревенский wrote:

blessed even 4000m2 as well as 2-are with dollar currency

The entire allegory in is, that banknotes in 2 dollar not exists in iaeoiaa. And what proof of, that there was not most possibly false?
Or, the cultists are blandly reproducing have themselves in cellars.

#p54462,Деревенский wrote:

you not watched Khodosa

Rustic, that this?

Not use whether banned symbolism? Not fomenting whether mezhnatsrozni?

His brochures - thus very popular with for GB, but his never attract to responsibility.
Moreover, he their sells:D. 1 "book" - 40 UAH - 130 rubles, all "books" - 200 UAH - 650 rubles.

Have mrazyuka works partnerochkaon kanalchike YouTube, on which he receives'll take your money for views:
On siteentitled "Christian liberating voluntarily the unified union" works front of you on name of the most Khodosa. Where union the? Where supporters? For all video on youtube is changing only props. Ah was invited any actor play role pop. And all.

Verdict: A pity old man Grumbeigh Khodosa. Now could would to live itself in warmer Israeli a kibbutz the peaches to collect, are there is no. On-work need to. They him and Seyetik has have done, and system Donata, and desks cells around the CIS, and mrazokanalchik, and partnerku possibly!

But in the eyes of sadness. :D

Donmakaron, pictures of the not are displayed, esteem rules too costly 9 Imagesand perezaley on the other fotokhosting (Goodwin)

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#p54468,Donmakaron wrote:

All allegory in is, that banknotes in 2 dollar not exists in iaeoiaa. And what proof of, that there was not most possibly false?
Or, the cultists are blandly reproducing have themselves in cellars.

Allegory in is that personally I have there is 2 dollar standards,, and still there is legend - bill 2 dollar was introduced in appeal for soldiers standards, than 10,000jihadi fighters to in particular, local, pleads for mercy cost 2 dollar. But I spoke pro Khodosa and not spoke pro bill, is that okay in 2 dollar, I wrote - "2-are with dollar currency." In late 80’s and in the early 90-'s Khodos was the exterior of to "topic", his sometimes on not know call Rabbi, but this mistakenly, Khodos handled economic affairs, spharischen all there is have Khodosa in commercials.

There same there is and theme Jewish of fascism.

I so understood that have you all Jews - fascists? Or even, Jew - means a fascist!

And in than specifically you not agree with Khodosom, where he you from?

PS theme banknotes in 2 dollar

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1. Goes in Yandex statistics. Selecting the most popular a key phrase on topic khodosa.

2. Look history requests a key before enrolling us phrase (the most popular) on time posts January 2014 to December 2015:

See clear spikes popularity - My 2014, July 2014.
Then have us was that?

Odessa, Lugansk, Boeing’s and still many what, but specifically this comrade vyplyvat began after events in Odessa.

In 2015 key themes - be safe with Ming agreement and exacerbation conflict confrontation two matrixes.
What still interesting things in sight?

Yes in sight the, that the actor he accurately not maydannyy, statistics in peak activity Maidan (January-February 14 year) on him a worthless.
And here is partly Crimea and fully all events inverted situation and have raised his’s identification in 5 times. In a whole scum managed boost secondary statistics on him with medium-size 2,500-3,000 (on 13 year unfortunately statistics there is no, but think there all slow) until stable 6500-7,000 in month if borrow in average.

Outcome: Bloody installation of rotten have made pgavoslavnogo Khodosa in 3)times uznavaemee.

But for of workshop and this little. They want vdalblivat us his even stronger.
Because create together klonovykh channels with his surname and duplicate one thing and the same, budo alongside kendo his video with prepared individual language to gain "pushed play and get the answer" and Dont with empty accounts.
Here is the typical example with Canal "Ivan Doe":

1 :3 0- "Hviezdoslav Ukraine boying brought down in 5 the evening."
Where him know in how many accurately his brought down? Under than here Israel?
What deal Russian people and Ukrainians until his Israel’s?
Release man in Israel, finally, the Shop.
Such arguments I can all that anywhere prove.

And most important: II snowing postanovochnost, basketballs with version of, that ostensibly this done, to translate attention from any something, of bombing, yes all that anywhere, importantly only bitch-slap some sense, that he indeed was.

Frankly, there is no desires look now his video, but in a whole in principle all understandable. Humpin 'their brochures from rollers in the commercial, 's end version of pulsating, destabilized all in one pavilonchike, rudely is changing only props. Weighs heavily on psychology icons, crosses, religious theme.
-him even virtual chapelon site has built. Can be candle before away - an icon God mothers put, troparia and father our read. Is clear want it now ,-has built, work home, predictable. Hardly our retired kodit in free time :D

And the last.
Know, where Khodosa in Yandex) seek most often? Ukraine? Russia?
At with two!
On site there same written the next:
“Regional popularity ” - this share, that ranks region in sponsored showcases or on this word, delennaya on share of all ad impression results search, the $on this region. Popularity words / phrases, equal 100%, means, that this word in this region nothing not earmarked. If popularity more 100%, this means, that in this region there is heightened interest to this word, if less 100% - Rate. For places statistics can discern, that regional popularity - this seek index.

And traditionally the names:

Yes, of course, here there is amendments, this requests in month. But, me seems, all-would still symbolically significant.
Yes and month for Khodosa it is emblematic middle - 6,000 requests on 25 January.
And Israel’s at all there is no, pro existence, it seems, no one knows.

And I have there is the explanation: Home to this blockbuster precisely there, there and makes video in one intimacy.
Meets podpisotoy he extremely rarely, yes and at all grandee not public. Lie in Ukraine him theoretically dangerously yes and vnematrichno is obtained. Representatives sit in Ukraine, stsezhivayut Money on the sly.
All is logical.

Either I records thing with statistics.

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#p54485,Деревенский wrote:

A in than specifically you not agree with Khodosom, where he you from?

I at all believe, that "Eduard Davidovich Khodos" - phantom personality, that plays the actor with other name and biography.
Such a same as and Patrick Lancaster.



#p54503,Donmakaron wrote:

I at all believe, that "Eduard Davidovich Khodos" - phantom personality, that plays the actor with other name and biography.
Such a same as and Patrick Lancaster.

On fact here don't give a shit that you personally one is, there is facts - share, "’ not watched, but opinion mean."

On charts at all ludicrous, I googling the Pyakina after certain events, very interestingly that-talking head will reveal - and that? , too, can say pro Maltsev and Starikov. Have Khodosa has its grains not force, many things he not rightful ownership and not hides this, well obviously that after certain events Khodos aktivizivrovalsya and moreover, became vy mozhete vyuchit angliyskiy. Notebook wrote still in 90-'s, but apparently so same as R. Choi texts him wrote state department.



Goes on servicefor definitions detailed information and statistics sites. Impose data resource Khodosa

Get such an outcome:

That see?
In sight, that site khostitsya organization entitled Company Unlim Ltd.
Look in IPWhois there same, only slightly fishing area:

Site "lies" on a in Kharkiv, there is all contacts.
And who owner?

Goes in detailed info:

So, site mrazyuka 2010 on some problems itself organization.
There is worded and mail.

The first, that me time come in head - find on location:

See, that there is such worded in Nicosia (she same Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus) in Cyprus. Two storeyed residential the building.

Then I Googled it site on the principle of clipping from mails consoles -

That for hell is that?
-" made "site organizations, which owns a man. Javadxan. And worded she has - residential a in Nicosia.

And then I Googled itname this offices and here is, on that I drew attention among all results:

Worded identical - Agiou Amvrosiou, 19 Nicosia Strovolos 2054 "CY"
Name, too,.
It seems on ofshornuyu structure.
See director -.

We pass on registration pageour firms laying a on site Department of registration companies Cyprus (immediately have thrown off exile with English version of the):

All coincides, registration Number even there is - 307363.

Here is this turn!
Site Khodosa put us on the Cypriot offshore.

And most important:
On website informerhave more 50 sites, under registration which zaznacheno this mail - mail @ Its owner - improve proposed Atomo group LTD

Among these sites:

Portal News Severodonetska (homeland grandfather frost Gubareva) -

To wage Ukraine -

Newspaper Evening Kyiv -

Site on payback homeless Ukrainian children foreigners - Ukraineadopt

Akkerman24 - urban blog Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi - Akkerman24

Site of our "friend" Khodosa -

Full list I gave higher.
Pro network Protocol whois - wiki

Outcome: Just-only a small vydernutaya link from his. Mikrofilial clan scum.
Khodos - part of media, the actor installation, a hired connection to the Shop.

Pereproveryayte, publish, help, dopolnyayte.

P.S.I first all in the form of messages on site longer, than has sought out this 8-)

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#p54544,Donmakaron wrote:

At website informer have more 50 sites, under registration which zaznacheno this mail - mail @ Its owner - improve proposed Atomo group LTD
Khodos - part of media, the actor installation, a hired connection to the Shop.
Pereproveryayte, publish, help, dopolnyayte.

And where same him kharchvatsya? In any case will any mail, any organization or someone owner. So works the Internet.
When man registers some site, then he typically not very lifts prestigiousness on whose terriotorii will deposited his articles, pictures of the and video. And if man notions not has as this works, then and all the.



Rustic. Your one fits concern to written, not in offense simply joke).
Nor one the knighted Professor Jew, not will reveal goyam that there is on fact! You know not that such mafia? And now increase this word on infinity!



There is at least prospectivethe actor Who Played Khodosa - Vladimir Schatz.

Typical face Jewish nationality, was born in Odessa, real age hidden. Contain in states, Meets young a on names Elena Ermolina.

Here is profile in the fighting - tertiary Shatz

Found I his through human named Vadim Daskovskiy, have which he is in your friends.
When I became seek a detailed information pro some Avigdor's Erskine, which blockbuster Khodosa is receiving a separate transmission of yes still and with tsekhovikom Ekozyantsem, then it turned out, that on human named Vadim Daskovskiy 2010 site Erskine either Daskovskiy utopian his at the request Erskine:
The search for put me on page my fake Facebook account, smalland classmates.

This man died in 2010, buried on Jewish a graveyard of.
Date birth - death on oven fits the specified in profiles - October 59 - December 2010. In classmates he has been stymied in day his death.

He the and utopian in America site Erskine, in the list friends have him present an interesting booking - Nathan Khazin- proclaimed leader "Jewish hundreds of Maidan", co avtomaydana. T. E. They knew each other still in late zero.
In frendliste in three social media Commission in the LEPy, in principle friends a bit, so managed stumble on this photo in the fighting.

Now will walk thru to dressing with those is whether he indeed priest role Khodosa or not.
Immediately I’d say, that I have been told that version of.
All that I mean this 1 photograph human pokazavshegosya me very similar on him.

Almost all video this Khodosa zamutnennye, von emki dark, of light little. -this option finally calculated.

The only video, which I found with appropriate perspective of is called 2. In mayors Kharkova "PZO" puts Eduard Khodosa. "For God, of Princes and The Fatherland!":

Besides, that they wildly khalturyat and leftist mrazyuk peekin 'scenario in order them on least wagering scenes, then me zatrudnyala his vegetation on chin. On all video with area is his blockbuster-shaven, here-decided to reinsure:

Chin lips only in scenes with lighting and there, where actor account for more gesturing and to twist head.

Me seems, that this one and the same man - form of heads, ears, lips, area wrinkles near lips.

The second, too, the actor, note on of lading nose. Plays not existing politician in nature, information on him zero.

0 :3 0- ". Honorary the head of the Party defenders of of fatherland. Vladimir Anton Mikhailov Kolomeitsev "
He called his or Kolomeytsevym or Kolomeytsem. Specifically the ending not finished talking to you.
I found site Party defenders of Ukraine in the head with Mayor Yuri Karmazinym. He on Ukrainian language - site
And-Isaev recast there the phantom, calling his Kolomoytsevym!

You perishing sort things out at what have him surname - the whether Kolomoets, then whether Kolomeets, then whether Kolomeitsev, then whether KolomOytsev.
He same honorary the head of the Party! Little moreover, that on major not placed and be bothered to do him site, so still and reverie attended by're confusing.

Resulting divisiveness and flitting around, the Shop.
Of a lame move on.

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#p54625,Donmakaron wrote:

note on of lading nose

Favorite chip-of lading nose. Passed already. No he not of lading, pathology any the Jewish, the same on amateur’s autumn videofragmente (in this same video)

Not make it any harder without needs.
On nose-of a lame move on, although in a whole plyusanul. For the search for Schultz got and at all. Stagnation on Forum, no one nothing not surprises.
On a slump, you know and lzhekhodos amuses.



'll give you a demonstration example khalantnosti.

Goes on siteKhodosa-Schultz got. Himself he hardly on it has visited China's. He with hard can say in what year written his "books."

Site represents from themselves naiunyleyshiy example tsekhovogo creativity.

Associe page Bazaar proposals Donata and sales an autograph.
There is no nor plan conducting speeches, nor school-?????? statesman. No interaktiva.
They even not managed insert there some service as like, Jivosite or Callbacklater (modules online communication, virtual aid).

Moreover ,-vklepal him together references to sotsservisy, precisely thus affirming his interactivity and together with this identity:
Check a tick banner vebstudii, and the goes he himself itself the director. And chapel on flash, too, made he, aha

Goes in "news".
The most popular choose impossible, for have service middle number of Hits In made in 25Kfor 6 months in a random fashion is missing counter views. Ah yes okay.

Selecting any news. They all shtampovye. I chose for 29 October. Kopipastim on resource on tested uniqueness. Get outcome:

No, I wanna play, but modicum exile on "the original of the" neklikabelnuyu gave.
Little moreover, that design absolutely an obnoxious, not's readable, so the text "news" in grey color, and proposal Donata side - in a normal kontrastnom the black.

The partition "Feedback the link" and at all not the partition, and the usual vsplyvayuschiy pop-up with three headings:

Site not adaptiven for mobile devices, icon "Logon-registering the" Tears have them at all somewhere down.
But front of you and FaceBook khodosa 8-)

-, unbind opportunity an integrated viewing of rollerblades, on site - views go only with yutuba. Unwillingness is ablaze for good reason

This a hell of a trolls and pytayutsya. Some theater absurd.

#p54634,Бухтияр Ж. wrote:

although in a whole plyusanul. For the search for Schultz got and at all. Stagnation on Forum, no one nothing not surprises

Read forum and a half months before registration. Long all contemplated, much his.

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Found page girlfriends Schultz got VK - Lainie Ermolina
Many photo with Miami and of Odessa, has attitude to vizazhu and make-up.
Me are interested in photo 138 from 1 January 2014:

The actor on all video moves as robot, chin tries to to twist under right-angle, a bit tipped the back of my head and raising the eyebrows

All three wear shirts equally :D

And third photo done with national theater operas and ballet in Odessa - source of:

I.e. blockbuster no relations even to prodazhu not has.
And also on some human named tertiary Shatz from Miami floated a whole companyWorld Aviation Brokers Inc..
Floated in 2008 and acts until now.

For the phantom through toward voice 0,64% voters on election Mayor of Kharkova 28 October 2015 years-- source of
:D :crazyfun:

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'm laughing, Google as in the real life looks Khodos, an elderly man, far not "e?anaaao." Dark von on video hides some "shortcomings" and rejuvenates Khodosa, plus present element of a certain mystery and conspiracy, ordinary artistic receptions. Puchkov incidentally so same serves on the murky backdrop of.

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