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Epidemic swine flu in Ukraine

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Increasingly ??? the problem with "had influenza" in Ukraine there is and question this not simple. So theme.

People indeed fall sick, although figures statistics, I think, much overstated, for pancreatitis on sound. On TV already advertise any French vaccine.
From environment, adults known - not many sick, but many fall sick children. Kiddies pity, order of have them're mild enough, are experimenting the creature over them. In general, schools shut out on quarantine.
Little moreover, that people koshmaryat its east Ukraine, so "they" even decided well, all the fields go viral, and next and administer it. The reaping?



With the beginning of the year trickled in messages about epidemic not the flu not the still what. People like as die more than usually under H1N1 vaccine. And all outbreaks disease comes as something are known but within BULA. ???? as write develop recognized thousands of in during several days!

Above 10 thousands of inhabitants Republic for week have an illness had influenza stalling of Lugansk People's Republic … -lnr-10050

Epidemic flu in Odessa: Glance from within … d-iznutri/

Epidemic GRIPPA In Ukraine, 2016 … raine.html

That this? War brewing not Commission itself and now plan B?

Under this on reform sites mines health BULA and with member a dignity -epidem services BULA say that performance within norms for this pores year. Truth have them there and figures smaller.

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#p54312,_ wrote:

the this? War brewing not Commission itself and now plan B?

The third day in school quarantine and the second day have child 39 gr. And Internet zapestrel cardiopulmonary plague upon and laboratory under Kharkov. Very hope, that in a separate subject not becomes a.



#p54316, . wrote:

Third day in school quarantine and the second day have child 39 gr. And Internet zapestrel cardiopulmonary plague upon and laboratory under Kharkov. Very hope, that in a separate subject not becomes a.

On male like all schools have closed on quarantine
One everybody's talkin ', that swine flu and that came he Ukraine. Ah where same still.



That on todays day gives us stalling:

Number of deceased from flu in Ukraine reached 176 man

For operativnimi danimi ? commencement of epdemchnogo sale (28.09.2015 01.02.2016 ?ieo) in Oe?a zarestrovano a ? eu?a 3.2 million theon -A man's grip the kind GRV, perekhvorlo 8.3% ianaeaiiy.

Wu us in country there are already epidemic flu. As we and waited, coming from dynamics, today in 18 areas threshold epidemiological exceeded, of them in 11 more than on 50% The most a large number of in Rivne area "

said Kvitashvili. Ryan

Not too shabby so scaly.

Most interesting, on projections weatheris expected the second wave of flu

"produced such a wave of early spring, that we expect, but hope that not in such scale", said Minister on briefing

this most, however



Information about H1N1 vaccine from human, which doctor this malware and on his the request published in blog viborola Lyashka.
In fictional come sporadic flights Airbase devices over country, after what occurred an outbreak of epidemic.

Interesting practical NABLYuDENI for the passage GRIPPA!
Received yesterday several letters from "Lakstra", if who his remembers!
Think, that in his Med. Research there is something useful!
Because, not mudrstvuya, putting have themselves - with his resolution!
Greetings Bogdan.
Took ill I. sucks and it is unclear. And that interestingly instantaneously!
In Saturday with sons walking in Visitors. Three days until this behaved rain.
All melted away and was many water. Usually we on not traveled,
But here I not ventures some where conditions , yes and dirt.
To not wait the next a minibus, dude on time went
Navprostets couple of kilometers. Younger on shoulders bore.
On wet the grass I ??? walking funny on all Four Iraklis.
As we with small heads about the tracks not shmyaknulis - miracle.
So further went on foot.
Not helped nor rubber boots, nor machine-clothing
Faint came wet fully each a puddle was our.
On the street was plus, has been going we brief, dressed-shrivel.
But on next day faint took ill.

And I snow was cleaning three times. My arrangements and crippling.
On the evening I have temperatures 40, and on the morning Snow slightly not on windows.
Saws Daisy + Malina + Med many just.
Many nodn and many "was having a piss." Clock got laid up for in delirium.
But temperatures shot down.
On the evening, a wife, asked sit with small.
Have him temperatures under 40.
I put an on him hands, made massage took away the scab itself.
Have him became as I have and I have, as have him.
Again'm on fire under 40.
Wife gave is febrifuge. Stimulant punched in warming.
Kolbasilo entire night. On the morning bad night temperatures 36!
Megatouch, here is this shot down!
In midnight, when understood, that and son shot down temperatures until
Stable 37,6 involving his wife.
And himself until morning a in combination with sudden cooling and fever of.

And THlNKlNG. because not're gonna fall asleep.
After how the sky Ukraine became BESPOLETNYM I
Saw planes matter of been. Summer was flying on schedules
What the a minor propellernyy. Then full silence.
And here is efore had influenza unfathomable activity!
First fighter tears were floating away.
Then began to fly lil 'Jon-Jon. Stopped.
And suddenly have to's absolute have spoken about a new rise in virus!

????, software ALL Ukraine have to, with conflate symptoms!
This as? Ah you me understood?
All already typically recognized forget pro the chemo's-the Interstate.
And for good reason.

The virus revives after of frequencies as the usual situation.
If be careful of chance ache less.
But this not situation! albeit look like very.

bailout my: This virus situation engineered, has differences.
On anti-inflammatories reacts rapid and SILNYM demotion
Temperature. Think killer cases are linked as times with this.
Halt hearts from whom it weak, so as blood becomes leaves.

Son I "manually" teams temperatures and kept its within
37-38 he was giving, had ever warmed, put a whammy hands, pretty close to his vest-girl that sheltered.
Think the best a means from this virus this included MOZG
In dynamics process struggle with disease.
And permanent CONTROL temperature.
And very drinking teas from raspberry of honey and chamomile - popular means.
You understood my thought?

Here is would conduct poll about flights aircraft!
And communicate my judgments come from until people?
Can whom the use to anyone? Who the still dodumaet.
Sadiki and schools are closed on quarantine, killer cases
All of this as something wrong.

Yes, the main reason bad consequences I cordially-Circulatory.
I have my noddle aching strongly. looked on themselves in a mirror, and have
Me even 4000m2 as well as veins on the forehead POVSPUKhALI.
Man of habit cracked fever reducer here either Seagul, or
Clear pill and sensed relief. Bad night temperatures has fallen.
Farewells, fell asleep and not has awakened because she exploration likely continued was.
And heart of not couldn burden. Or a vessel in anybody zakuporilsya.
Or Lies renal inadequacy.
By the way kidneys have an illness immediately I have with them the problem was.
Because and thought - of existence of. And this virus.
Need CAREFULLY keep FOR temperature BODY entirety!
Permanent control! And not muddle the its below 37!
If temperatures has fallen below 36,6 - urgently raising!

Conclusions my ??? have foundation.
With son only here is the same history has held true.
I Ah, measuring temperatures every 20-30 shadowing so reacted
Quickly when have your baby she sharplys share dropped until 35 degrees!
Quickly wore his a little warmer and to itself under blankets of, crushing, warmed up some.
Raised temperatures not immediately, until Vilnius.

That observed, after leap downstairs temperatures remains slightly
Content: On and stable I have held 37.3 a host day.
And in the rest of the nothing such a in this virus there is no.
Is nonsense at all as very the easy bad cold.
But chip Since temperature - THAT GRAVE feature of!

Bogdan, write in blog let people know!
Can refer on me, nourished German here is Comrade perekolbasilo
And he something understood. But the that I understood IT IS LESSER up real!
Me here thought interesting came what about the this virus.
On-my this TROYAN his kind of, maskiruyuschiysya under ARVI, but on
Fact "OTKLYuChALKA" VNUTRENNEGO "thermostat"
Organism. He is pushing with bribery organism and the would cease SAM
Regulate its domestic temperatures. All simply!
And here is consequences this can be acts were demonic either "Dynamite
Pneumonia ", either 300 ~ 500W Heart of or even what.

I have broke a to go back and keep organism In manual REZhIME
XI2 and this gave body time on restart
System and all his functions recovered.
Here is such a simple analogy but explains his action!

With respect Sanya



No "AND" and etc. Grippov there is no in nature. 100-200 fatals on season, deceased from complications, caused by flu-like .????? - simple annual statistics for Ukraine with 40m populations.

Me: Of course there is no AND) Pod these guise of simply tested boevyy the virus.

Hi,. Javadxan. Not the first year already. And increasingly tyschschi corpses / day. Games no one saw (hide, the creature)

Will pass still week, will end another seasonal period situation, and all forget. Until next winters. And there again vytaschut from the closet, and on a new. We?


We are all dead. Ukraine attacks svinskiy flu. Again, Karl!



Not himself flu afraid of, and his the wrong treatment, those same antibiotics. People in hospital taking someone with temperature 40, there Marusya's antibiotics, but on morning grant relatives corpse in the black bag. All antibiotics are immunodepresantami, and in able flu, when immunity works on strained, their the use of death like.

the Pig flu: Pandemic in the Police

" Dont should be confused facts with information "

Global commercial myths
Information shumikham I not believe. As only in media begins yet another Hysteria about any ozone hole, global warming or Mad Cow Disease, I have reflectively arises thought: Someone again spinning give commercial project. And simply intends to pillage population planet.

Information rules world - this law relevant in all times. The, who imposing in heads people information - conducts their behavior. The, who controls information flows - has power over people. With the development information technology and process globalization manage global public opinion became easier, camping on K. Now information can be immediately broadcast in all areas the Earth globe.

So with some since became fashionable queries global commercial myths - organize information hype through megaphones to global media. This such business in planetary scale: First workers-three megatons formidable information on heads legkovernykh consumers (are unwinding trouble), and then, when public opinion recruited (C being ripe), sell nostrums (vaccine, "safer" freon is included or organize Fund struggle with at the fulfilling prophecy). And earn billions of, perforated their from gosbyudzhetov and pockets gullible consumers. Here is such business the disobedient in vogue.

Anyone business can be share on. An ethical (mutually beneficial for seller of and of the buyer) ineetichnyy (imposing consumer useless or harmful for him goods or services). Ethical ways making money played formula: "Find the signature need and satisfy its". Precisely under these the motto of work conscientious, hard-working producers (food, clothing, vacuum cleaners), cobblers, plumbers, shinomontazhniki and other honest people, which usually want thank for their a useful labor. Unethical same affairs often occur under the motto of: "Postanovlenie Administratsii problem man and offer him solve its for money" and, as rule, represent violence over consumer. ways usually drill money parazitiruyuschie elements society - Somali pirates, - Theyr'e blackmailers, racketeers, kidnepery (by a children), backhanders all stripes - werewolves in uniform, tuxedos, you or white lab, and also different being, in services which society not needs. In including the organizers and film directors global commercial performances.

Global commercial myth - this many noise from nothing. Such a the information the hype is like a of firepower, which try to to issue for a nuclear explosion. Fireworks loudly splutter and vividly Where, but in them there is no the destructive forces, that they inspire their spectacular species. Global the information the hype essentially its - people received (commercial myth he and there is myth, modicum his usually and buoyed under scientific sauce).

the Pig flu - another global commercial myth
Global commercial myths raskrucheno a long. It seems, that swine flu (as and before him avian) - one of such information fireworks. Clean water profanation. Made noise so loudly, if on Mexico (the epicenter of the disease) toppled, thermonuclear bomb. And the endgame vistavi reduce our to call:, you, cough up at face value - get vaccine. (I'm simplifying situation, but, it seems, that the crux of the its precisely such is).

????, in swine scam complicit many heavyweight faces and organizations, until heads of state, global banks and global organizers of health, conscripted democracy defend people, not pillage. So, US President Barack Obama declared, that decided to privitsya from swine flu together with the entire his family and urged their fellow citizens follow his example. President Mexico Felipe Calderon acknowledged an outbreak swine flu serious problem and on official admission standards solemnly conveyed representative World Health Organization (the WHO) in virus A / H1N1 in purposes as speedy amp; D vaccines. The WHO in turn announced swine flu pandemic (this ghastly word causes associations with global epidemic) and 140 him highest, sixth degree of dangers. The World Bank provided Mexico credit in size above 200 million $to combat swine flu, in including for procurement vaccines. Master Secretary UN Ban Ki-moon called epidemic swine flu extreme situation international scale. And so on in the same vein made noise and spoken out many other senior officials, organizations and governments - and increasingly from-for tiny number of diseases had influenza, which not go beyond the conventional statistics.

Information to heart. Flu - widespread keen infectious disease breathing pathways. There are more two thousands of known offenders flu. Flu enters in group pressing respiratory of viral infections (ARVI). Expression of these diseases odnotipno: Rises temperatures, emerge cough and runny nose. So sometimes with had influenza confuse other diseases ARVI. This the most widespread disease - annually ARVI suffer roughly every the third specialist planet (roughly 2 billion people), and any a kind of flu - from 500 million until 1 billion people in year. In world from flu dies roughly 500 thousands of people in year (or about 1,500 people in day).

So, in year on Earth had influenza catches a cold roughly a billion man, of which half a million dies. Clear, that from such global a statistical base data can be easily borrow several cases and to write off their on swine flu.

Even if the virus H1N1 and there is, then think, that this is not there's a dangerous a new in, somehow his them paint, and likely one of ordinary offenders seasonal flu. So about than same optimised?

How increasingly began
The first mention of virus H1N1, kind of flu type A, appeared in world media in late April 2009. For of bombing brain drain humanity in as a of shelling was initiated no heavy artillery fire - largest world news agencies report.

24 April agency "France Press" with refers on statement the WHO reported about several hundreds cases contagion people swine flu in Mexico.

25 April agency "Reuters" reported about death 68 man from swine flu in Mexico.

26 April agency "The Press" (contains the largest in world) reported, that in Canada affirmed 6 cases contagion people virus swine flu.

A further matter and here we go
British channel broadcast "by Sky News", the Czech informagentstvo "ChTK", national television Spain "TVE1", the Department health Israels, the European Commissioner on health care Andrulla George Vassos Vassiliou, Prime Minister Britain Gordon Brown, and also Swiss, Swedish, Dutch and other doctors and other important persona and organizations did awesome statements about one, two or three cases disease swine flu.

(I shall remind, that on official information in world from the usual flu dies roughly half a million people in year, and here one main panic from-for singular cases).

Let's run through on headers articles about pig H1N1 vaccine:

Kissing oil-. The world fears pandemics swine flu, "going" from Mexico New learning 27.04.09 06 :0 0
The world fears, when his scare. Not Baciatevi with pigs, and increasingly you have will bewitching.

The 8th the US urged Americans refrain from trips in Mexico RIA News 28.04.09 2 :5 4
Ah, here is who, it turns out, urged! First democracy - state department the US. The very, which called for to defend from avian flu, and also called for bomb Baghdad and Belgrade.

The first case disease swine flu, perhaps, high point in Britain Echo Moscow 27.04.09 17 :3 0
Perhaps, high point, and, perhaps, and there is no. Think, that there is no.

In Scotland officially affirmed the first two case disease "swine flu" 27.04.09 23 :0 7
Before me seemed, that two case on half the country - this not reason for concern, yes and hardly who could would detect these two among thousands of grippoznykh Scots. Are, no! Alert specialists the WHO discovered-???! And more accurately, the appointed an.

In Prague two are hospitalized with suspicion on swine flu 27.04.09 20 :3 5
Again those two. And again only with suspicion. At all something flu, he and in Prague flu, and in Bratislava and in any friend city of. With so same success two grippoznikov can be found virtually in any hospital any cities and declare, that they sick unto death precisely swine, not tarakanim - no one after all not will run with a microscope inspect.

The first case disease swine flu high point in South America Interfax 30.04.09 09 :2 8
Need to same, and there behavior, up there his in swings! And there and until Antarctica hand set.

In the Netherlands confirmed by the first case swine flu 30.04.09 14 :1 1
And from Antarctica, apparently, pulled on the most the Netherlands skidded.

Swine flu, perhaps, having until Russia Echo Moscow 28.04.2009 01 :0 5
Again this "perhaps." Unambiguously not having.

"Swine flu" could be have 149 those who had died Vesti.Ru 27.04.09 23 :2 7
This most "could be" makes content articles meaningless, not so whether?

Level of threats pandemics swine flu enhanced 27.04.09 00 :5 0
In article influence increasingly those same 149 those who had died is unknown from what. One question bothered me: ???? here pandemic (Pandemia - the entire people (ancient Greek, after all 149 man - this not the entire people? Me here, neither, that, nourished German, pandemic here with, that the virus became to spread across planet: One copy fell in Britain, two - in Scotland, three - in up there his in swings and camping on D. Not otherwise, to each single the virus had a gun pointed at on expert the WHO.

Stalling the US recommended drugs for treatment swine flu NEWSru Ukraine 27.04.09 22 :0 4
One of recommended by drugs - Ozeltamivir (trade nazvanieTamiflu) known as drug, not forcing from avian flu. It seems, that "drugs" from swine flu were zagotovleny long before starters swine panic.

"Swine" flu threatens to pandemic Proceedings 27.04.09 10 :2 3
Very an appalling article. There is in it such phrase: "Panic not need to!", "worldwide organization health announced international dangers", "a new virus A (H1N1) close to the virus" odna "", "" the Spanish flu ", on the most modest calculates, killed not less 20 million Of earthmen "," reliving and close "," can be buy drugs from all types of flu - "Ribavirin" or "Tamiflu". " In general, again straschayut. And between affair advertise bailouts drugs. And new doubts to in my soul: And was whether "the Spanish flu" or this, too, myth? Need to will deal.

Pig with diagonal position Russia 27.04.09 17 :2 2
In the only grouse with a gat.

Swine flu already near borders Russia United Kingdoms Independent newspaper 30.04.09 01 :2 0
Napoleon, that whether, this swine flu?

Swine flu claim life seven million people? 30.04.09 15 :4 0
Question mark in late the header articles bothered me. So claim or not? Keep Pascal, that there is no. Forth quote from a the fragment articles:
"On information the WHO, not discarded, that the virus swine flu mutates, and this even more hampers fight with him. Meanwhile only on the search for effective vaccines from current version of disease can withdraw six months. For this time, estimates that some analysts, will die until seven million people. "
Reverie attended by analysts not shared with outside. And again indefinite statement: "Not discarded." At all something increasingly, about than only can be think, not discarded. And any an absurdity not excluded. With so same success can be was write: "Not discarded, that through six months on Earth will end oxygen" - and organize trade compressed air. Six months already passed, and those seven million people die not gather.

Even located analysis headlines articles about pig H1N1 vaccine allows do conclusion: Organizers intend swines hold population planet for chumps. And population, judging by terms sales vaccines and drugs, fits this of the honorary thereby.


Observing spoiled, clueless swines as lies, I increasingly thought: Did now can be here is so easily and officially on eyes all engage Global fraud and did nor one serious organization so and not follow up with expose shamefully activities the WHO and other structures, plate method for insulators hands on global swine panic? And here is, increasingly-??? to shag it,, at least, one organization (PACE), that was very perturbed with s boldness svinskikh con men.

A parliamentary General Assembly Council Europe (PACE) panel called global pandemic swine flu one of the main medical scandals and one of the major pharmaceutical scams century. 14.01.10
"Chief PACE on issues health Wolfgang Wodarg declared openly about how, that increasingly was in advance planned ahead leadership World Health Organization (the WHO). The latter has entered many conspired with leadership immediately several pharmaceutical cartels, lasting time pasturelands all states world "miraculous a vaccine", immediately realzovano in conditions stampede of fear. Wodarg promised, that already in the near future representatives PACE turn in Court and will provide him was incontrovertible evidence interest the WHO in provozglashenii virus A / H1N1 pandemic. "

Wolfgang Wodarg against scenario pharmacists 26.01.10 18 :4 6
"German doctor and Microbiology Wolfgang Wodarg condemns sound against swine flu, prinesshuyu to pharmaceutical companies billions of:
- How doctor I know: The, that facto in organism human without need, should qualify as inflicting harm health.
[ . -, ].
Commission Council Europe wants to discuss mechanism decision-decisions about pandemics and the past behind closed doors process generate arrangements about sovereign governments vaccines. For, even in such open democratic country, as Germany, these treaties until now are kept secret. "

The WHO blame in fomenting an proportions swine flu 05.06.10 18 :3 4
"Commission on health care Parliamentary Assembly Council Europe accused the World organization health in frivolous fomenting an panic.
In turn, the British medical journal directly accuses the WHO in corruption. According to publications, many experts World organizations had financial ties with pharmaceutical companies.
Commission Council Europe discovered an interesting fact: Announcement alarm was based on after experts the WHO, names which organization not wants revealed.
Moreover, according to chairman Commission Liliane Mori Pasquier, organization strange ways changed in 2009 conditions announcement pandemics. "

Paz accused the WHO in fomenting an panic around "swine flu" RBC Informations Systems 06.06.10
"Pandemics swine flu (AH1N1) not was. The number of confirmed victims AH1N1 around the world it turned out even less, than under ordinary seasonal epidemics flu. According to experts, the World Health Organization (the WHO) hollow razduvala panic around flu AH1N1. In end triggered by the WHO panic led to perezagruzhennosti hospitals and razbazarivaniyu funds from gosbyudzhetov.
Governments many countries injected on procurement drugs from "swine flu" billions of the euro. "

Keep in mind, that for such inoffensive kind formulation, as "overcrowding in hospitals" are worth (more accurately, the already lie) human victims. Also because of the panic failed losses tourist, reserve air- and other companies. And perishing, how many pigs countless, it is difficult suggest.

Information, crash course in a pig's eyewash, hasn't some where screens, but its much less - she is like a schepke in Sea propaganda swine flu.

One. Solgavshiy, who you come?

Although the WHO lied to not once. After all such medical myths, as avian flu, SARS, mad cow furiousness (in of England, incidentally, burned the 3 million accident cows), and also, dare suggest, that and the most insidious fabrication twentieth century, AIDS -, too, lie on conscience the WHO. But think, that the WHO - just tool in Class something the hands of.

Not thankful argue, Class precisely hands affair show up swine flu, but, judging by around the, hands these long. One thing only what they controlled presidents and governments different countries, that in their tunes dudeli largest world information agencies and international organizations (in camping on CHAMPION The WHO and others, and that under their tunes was dancing around slightly whether not half of odurachennogo world - says about many ways. Many people saw, that even such large figures, as US President and Armenian Foreign Minster UN are not autonomous operating the objects, but only podnevolnymi puppet-master in Class something the hands of.

Swine spectacle had low producing, and actors played Li. Inc. world arguments svelis to an attempt to issue single cases diseases had influenza for global pandemic, so many people felt of this trick. Of this trick here in is, that on sale useless (and, rather, cessation) vaccines and other medicines someone cynically've made a living billions of.

When are at stake big money, honesty and conscience usually repose. So many policy and academics, which proved "in share", engaged faulty propaganda swine flu. However, if, which are constitution and organizations, conscripted defend people, instead participate in odurachivanii population with goal of plunder, then this not simply seemed to forget their reputation, and makes their swindlers. If to call things their names, then history with swine flu is global fraud (camping on K. Is based on think lies), and simply - h-Hoggery. And when those same most senior roast propagandists, and essentially, con artists, dare on this rant about democracy and human rights, then this looks so same it is a sacrilege, as if would card sharks and pickpockets always appealed to honesty and conscience.

In general, swine flu, as bad spectacle, as a podmochil reputation actors and characters that engaged his propaganda.

In response to lies is generated reflex of mistrust. So on another failure frightening headlines: "Mother with critiques alike brought from India Strategy" or "revealed polio have two children from Tadjikistan", already not're reacting. Already not removal of in usefulness vaccinations, hyped drugs and benefiting tablets. And correctly one takes. Because should not be confused facts with information.

Its Kirsanov

AIDS, the Pig flu, National flu, Ebola and other that from crypt

award-winning Capacitance-- American public Center Control field and the World Health Organization every year strive to please viewers than any brand new.
AIDS, mad cow furiousness, swine flu, SARS, avian flu - all these disease, judging by their promises, must were for several months vykosit half population Earth.

This so and not happened. But award-winning Capacitance-and the WHO not swirl as to. Now human civilization threaten grow a camel flu and Ebola.


American scholar, professor molecular and cell biology in University Berkeley Peter Duesberg claims, that of virus immuno-compromised Rights (HIV) not is cause of Syndrome maintenace immuno-compromised (AIDS).

On version of Peter, nor in Africa, nor at all in world there is no epidemic HIV. AIDS, on his words of, is consequence of bad immunity, associated with conditions life and weakening immunity disease and antibiotics.

Duesberg says, that the virus HIV not represents dangers for rights. And here is drugs for treatment from HIV - contrary, extremely are dangerous.

For example, drug zidovudine , more known as AZT or Novo-Azt until now applies for struggle with HIV, however causes such serious side effects, as anemia and myopathy.

He extremely without for liver and leads to atrophy muscle inflammation. Novo-Azt used and before - for treatment cancer. However, it turned out, that the medicine kills sick faster, than himself cancer.

According to Duesberga, many people (from 10 until 50 thousands of patients), which was put diagnosis AIDS , died at all not from him, and from Retrovira, which their treated.
It came before, that Hwangs research center Concord published report about what people, honor, Novo-Azt, lived not longer, than sick AIDS.

Soon after this chapter statistical Office the Concorde, which handled analysis Retrovira, utterly accidentally shot down a truck.

History discoveries AIDS began with, that American doctor on reverie attended by Gottlieb watched for five) patients-by homosexuals.

All five were nel-users. Moreover, all five maintaining my first occurred and had disastrously oslablennuyu adrenal glands system.
However this did not prevent Gottlibu state about open syndrome maintenace immuno-compromised.

Theory Gottlieb's remained theory of, until not generalship on the table his guarantee curators' from American public Center for Control field (Center of desease Control, award-winning Capacitance-). As we will see later, ears this departments are sticking out virtually for all epidemics twenty-first century.

In parallel with gottlibovskim AIDS, award-winning Capacitance-in the time handled another interesting disease under entitled swine flu. In 1971 award-winning Capacitance-announced about open dangerous virus swine flu, which in soon should was start mow Americans left and right.

Agency gained budgetary money and already was preparing to vaccination 50 million citizens the US. As suddenly it turned out, that no swine flu there is no, and a big elaborate vaccine has serious side effects.

Thousands of Americans, which increasingly-??? typically recognized vaccinated, began to suffer from of nerve diseases and paralysis.

In end adventures, the state was forced pay to injured about 100 million dollars compensation for caused by the damage health.
Support fiasco with project swine flu , award-winning Capacitance-two hands you jumped on for gottlibovskiy AIDS. Specialists departments quickly declared, that AIDS likely cautious virus and called his virus immuno-compromised rights.

Already in the time many doctors argued, that testing on HIV gives positive outcome in case whole bouquet diseases - TB, by, rheumatism, sclerosis and even two dozen diseases.

Japanese doctors, worked in Ghana, tested on HIV 227 Africans, which until this was put diagnosis AIDS (on the basis just three symptoms - losses weight, diarrhea and high temperature). It turned out, that as least have than half of them in body not was no virus HIV!

Now understandable, where in Africa embarked on such a wild number of people, awareness AIDS (10-20% population). Diarrhea, loss of weight, temperatures? Congratulations to, you have - AIDS!

Millions of Africans suffer from malaria, TB and other diseases, caused by bad regulations conditions. All of this leads to weakening of immune systems. This fact the World Health Organization prefers name epidemic HIV.

Swine flu again in authoritarianism

When Hysteria about AIDS starters exist, award-winning Capacitance-again dragged her up on light zapylyonnoe scarecrow swine flu. Headlines newspapers 2009 were full of language like The situation becomes catastrophic , signify countries declared about 148 cases swine flu and camping on D.

That happened further? No epidemic swine flu not happened, as and in 1971.

National flu

Such a same history struck and in case avian flu in the early 2000-'s. The US government, relying on the data award-winning Capacitance-, executives had forecast, that the new disease century would lead to demise two million Americans. In best - 200 thousands of.

Masses-media here same picked up the the hysteria, even not fiercely without much consideration, that a simple obesity annually kills 300 thousands of citizens the US.

People, napichkannye propaganda, began to walk on the streets of the in medical masks and masks. But epidemic again not happened.

How many lives tookk avian flu? According to the WHO, from him in Asia died 65 people.

If given, that in this region contain 3.6 billion people - this one death on every 54 million population!

Frightening? There is no?! Award-winning Capacitance-and the WHO want, to was frightening. So they were fabricating increasingly new killer epidemic.

How distinguish one flu from another?

On its site award-winning Capacitance-periodically publishes symptoms, associated with another disease century. For example:

symptoms avian flu- high temperatures, cough, catches throat, pain in muscles and, perhaps, pneumonia.

Symptoms swine flu
- high temperatures, cough, catches throat, dyspnea.

A what are symptoms conventional flu?He same the most cough, temperatures, catches throat, dullness and muscle pain.


Another scarecrow award-winning Capacitance-- SARS (SARS) had such same symptoms, as and hog-twittering around species flu: Temperatures, head pain, the total weakness and pain in muscles, perhaps - cough.

In 2005 the WHO prognozirovala, that in world is about will ensue epidemic SARS.

But for 3-4 year across planet died only 812 man with so diagnosis.

For comparisons, in those same the US from diseases hearts dies about 1400 people In DAY.

With there is big suspicions, that all these 812 man died at all not from SARS, and from the usual fever "of go quietly.

Epidemic another disease century again not happened.

Verblyuzhiy flu and Ebola

The past two a rabbit from hats magician's - grow a camel flu (about, the sky!) mers-CoV and Ebola.

Grow a camel flu became hit summer 2014. In the news us shared, as Arabs in Egypt, Tunisia and the UAE one for other are falling, those Hep-V guileful mighty Yenisey river -.
Surprise, that symptoms mers-CoV were accurately such same, as and in case other hoof prints grippov. Award-winning Capacitance-- government institution. Here are not accustomed improvise.

However, as and expected, no epidemic camel-flu not happened. Hysteria stalled, so pleasantly and not starting.

And here is now the WHO and award-winning Capacitance-warn miracle the remaining in survivors humanity about a new universal of suicidal with scary name Ebola.

As and in case with swine and bird had influenza, the SARS scare and in other scarecrows, the WHO regularly updates the data about numbers these infected people Who needed a new dire disease. People of habit is preparing panic.

Indeed, contagion Ebola very dangerously. Mortality can .So until 90%. But fall into organism human this virus can only provided contact with blood or secretions the infested patient.

Indeed, in Africa noted cases epidemic Ebola. For example, in 2007 in Uganda. In a result it died. 37 people.

Under this Ebola has incubation period until three weeks. Why, if symptoms this terribly dangerous disease can manifest itself only through one-two-three weeks, population Africa until now niei?u not tainted Ebola?

Increasingly for the same reasons, on somehow until now half of the Earth globe not 1929 from SARS, Mad Cow Disease, avian, swine, camel-, krokodilego, khomyachkovogo and other grippov.

This - NOT epidemic. Viruses, which from hats magician's the captain award-winning Capacitance-and the WHO - only scarecrows, conscripted supplement wallets closed pharmaceutical companies, turn people in, the hysterical zombies and force their toxoid itself any vaccine, on that will tell TV.

patented virus

American public center award-winning Capacitance-has the patent on variety virus Ebola under entitled EboBun.

This acronym is happening from two words - Ebola and Bundibugio (the so named terrain of in Uganda, where in 2007 occurred the kind the most the awful epidemic). Number patent - CA2741523A1, he was itself in 2010.

In this the territory the American government and center award-winning Capacitance-proclaim their rights on all viruses Ebola, DNA which although would on 70% similar on variety EboBun. I.e. didn't DO on all viruses Ebola.

Why should they monopoly on Ebola? Big question.

Who are this benefits?

AIDS, avian flu, swine flu - why their were fabricating? Who Needs all of this need?

International to pharmaceutical corporations, which receive super-profits from sales another miracle-drugs.

Research centers, which receive grants for the the right reports, the hallmarks grandstanding in awe.

To the American government, which wants vaccinated as can be more people around the world. Why? About this a bit below.

For examples can be lead Donald Rumsfeld, former Argentine Defense and member administration George W. Bush.

On the medicine from avian flu entitled Tamiflu the American government Industry identified two billion dollars.

Utterly accidentally president companies, proizvodivshey Tamiflu, proved Donald Rumsfeld.

Conspiracy theory. Practice conspiracy.

Perhaps, another response to question why? lies in word vaccination.

Deal in is, that after each waves of hysteria, that mounts the WHO and award-winning Capacitance-about another epidemic , people, as scalded, be going privivatsya. And even not understand, that the proposed them vaccinations much more dangerous viruses, from which their the earth will.

For example, in American vaccinations into the town charter from flu until recently called for the a preservative Timerosal , representing a vysokotoksichnoe compound of exposure.
Timerosal causes miscarriages and autism of newborns.

For example, 28 December 2005 four pregnant American women received vaccinations, containing Timerosal. Have all of four fetus died through 20-30 days after vaccination.

Despite ban Timerosala , in modern American the vaccines until now contain category: Of exposure compounds. Simply in a lesser concentration.

That even producers vaccines add in vaccinations? Increasingly, that anywhere. Genetically modified viruses. Preservatives on the basis of difficult metals and aluminum. -density. Untested antibiotics.

Vaccinations - here is that causes real epidemic. Precisely in countries, where symposium was held mass vaccination (for example, in India), has erupted epidemic autism. This were forced to recognize even representatives award-winning Capacitance-.

Mass vaccination not tantalizing people from diseases, strictly fictional award-winning Capacitance-. She leads to several increase risk the miscarriage, in of newborns affected metals, emergence of children-autistics, depletion immune systems and camping on D.

Perhaps, in this and there is sense all this circus artists with horses? The WHO and the American award-winning Capacitance-straschayut people, to then his mass vaccinated.

If population Earth will morph into a autistics, women will lose opportunity one to carry the fetus - this as cannot be better will friend in concept of gold billion.

There is no, ah indeed - as force people voluntarily and in mass order shoot up itself right you a substance? Scare their certainly disease and explain, that save their can only your vaccine. And that perishing in it will are kept aside from the principal product.

Perhaps, this - Brad. But epidemic avian flu not happened. And epidemic Mad Cow Disease -, too,. And swine flu. And SARS. And camel-flu. And epidemic Ebola, too, not will happen.

But terrified people around the world continue to inculcate antibiotics, precise the composition which no one knows. And side effects which no one not known.
No one, except specialists from award-winning Capacitance-.

Can be, I have paranoia?

Let. Importantly, to me from it not have become inculcate.

P.S. Deputy chairman of the Governments Russian Federation Olga Golodets 13 October 2014 reported, that Russian vaccine from virus Ebola virtually is ready. Skloubeni continuation of. … -2722.html



Have us people many about this say. Reassert the deaths in a spirit of "familiar or relatives my known." But after just between in "war" such statements not convinced by in encouraged from ??? ?? ? ? ??? extraordinary. Ordinary seasonal disease, a weaker immunity. I so think. Ah and kill people vaccinations, far perishing without this.



"In city of there is no drugs! In city of rose drugs! In city of there is no masks! In city of rose masks! One million sold masks! "

Any hospitals on quarantine, schools what the like, too,, on the street maximum 2-3 establishment in mask, have been plaguing people - already not know as can pills and for other crap either, lady.



#p54987,nukus wrote:

There "AND" and writing and things Grippov there is no in nature. 100-200 fatals on season, deceased from complications, caused by flu-like .????? - simple annual statistics for Ukraine with 40m populations.

Yes it the understandable, that their there is no, as and Zeke's and the Ebola. In this topic we spreading our people not himself fact existence "flu" and his consequences or how many died from another attacks, and about instruments spread of information about the "H1N1 vaccine", methods contagion people and reasons and goal all this.

#p55010, wrote:

on the street maximum 2-3 establishment in mask, have been plaguing people - already not know as can pills and for other crap either, lady.

Why not know? Very even successfully increasingly is faring to promotion vaccines, and other you help reduce global warming. On radio every hourin the news Th something tryndyat (were moon blinking), on box even and with picture, as hospitals "being shot" people, that for us overseas friends strive to in their labs, and here is version of about how, that on the eve "outbreaks" with air through treyly have ditched "a present", and in media about this nor-nor (ah this same understandable, they objectively look on things :D) may well be, and people not simply develop situation, as this case conventional winter, and have people virus eyebrows temperatures until 39-40. More suffer children, so as immunity have them below the baseboards, to the same parents, you chuckleheads, not supply their smoke of natural, natural reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to, andthe dead food and the myselfjust a.

#p55010, wrote:

schools what the like, too,.

Attendance children in some schools now-third + / -.
Must were he meets with friends, three hundred years not seen each other in, suffered meeting camping on K. Part of blues get back a little.



to the same parents, you chuckleheads, not supply their smoke of natural, natural reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to, andthe dead food and the myselfjust a.

They not you chuckleheads, their from himself devil has.
Not every capable net, so "on its knees by slaves, on its knees! Before heavenly information. "
It is difficult, difficult to find now

natural reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to

. Preservatives and stabilizers ones, that I!
Especially if have you there is no own Sunday. :tired:
Have not lived up Hi,! I in rassei not can find normal onion and such as cabbage, one thing shit "monsantovskoe", and you way be.



Live on the border with Ukraine in Rostov area.

People realistically die. Many known told the about realistically deceased humans.
Relatives - doctors. Report, that disease not it seems on flu - have sick destroyed, by lungs. No amount drugs not act.

Ordinary people say about bakteriologicheskom weapons, and even khimtreylakh. Words about "usual H1N1 vaccine" I not heard.



2001 year.



#p55094,2+2=2 wrote:

. Preservatives and stabilizers ones, that I!
Especially if have you there is no own Sunday.
Have not lived up Hi,! I in rassei not can find normal onion and such as cabbage, one thing shit "monsantovskoe", and you way be.

Can with vehicle to hand vyrashennyy in 100 kilometers from home town of Dnipropetrovsk onion on you (kuschevka)?

Text or In Dnepropetrovsk every day speak with multiple people. Than the except easy of cold no one took ill.

Last edited by (Feb 4 2016 16:32:21)



vyrashennyy in 100 kilometers from home town of Dnipropetrovsk onion on you (kuschevka)?

Watson: Ta Clotzel. But need to to adapt in real conditions, you same not regulation kazhnyy times can also optionally send.
I here try to put viberat the best of the worst so stop writing. Thank you networks "Magnet", there some that there is with South Russia until.



's attacks spoke to old hat, got over a case these "had influenza." Temperatures 39, whip could not, bred on the third day together. Gave tablets, better now. From the symptoms, temperatures, pain head and in the eyes of. On its work have closed department in no clothing left, all collaborators are gone in timeout.

Relatives friend in Poltava still be theirs., too, were bruised by the nevedannaya little, er, mishap. Nor of snot, nor medicine.
Here is priesthood, khutspa, malyata. Almost (with)



Razumovsky says that this all ortofosfornaya acid. :rain:

With 11 :50:



#p55418,dex wrote:

Razumovsky says that this all ortofosfornaya acid

. " Atroficheskie processes mucous membranes of seedcoat and kroshenie teeth, and also inflammatory disease skin "(GOST 6552) as something loosely are like on symptoms or consequences flu, ARVI or what there still. Pro decay Phosphoric (V under 37 + nothing not found, that not surprising - hide. To the same, strange, that lovers Coca-cola and not lovers Coca-cola are subject to prostudnym diseases in equal extent, although the first already clearly receive Phosphoric (, nowhere need not go in public place and seek rassypannuyu ortof. Acid.



#p55142,2+2=2 wrote:

Ta Clotzel. But need to to adapt in real conditions, you same not regulation kazhnyy times can also optionally send.
I here try to put viberat the best of the worst so stop writing. Thank you networks "Magnet", there some that there is with South Russia until.

Mona immediately bag string autumn on electronics deport) Can also deport derzhitsya as your onion is growing and vykapyvaetsya.)) Since confirm the fotovideomaterialami, so say.

Although onion not benefits plant, cheap. Great barren territory peanuts, ta-nailable. He about 100 UAH for kilo is worth. As the has tried, would strap. Is growing. Cutie darling such, increasingly time zelenenkiy with melenkimi yellow the neck.


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