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SOS! Save your down a citizen!

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Incidentally, have shown on local TV apartment my colleague. Catch a glimpse, and not the most interesting cadres. Missed the most Relish - the very roof down, 'd water, ton dust-slag, kind of after breakdown. Nevertheless.



Hmm, and have us here with OSBB was highlighted flip the problem. On the whole house or several homes OSBB - this the same that in Russia OSMD or as his, ah think understood. So here is, necessarily there will Synthet, winos do best or. Can simply poor people, or rich but khitropopye. In general, not pay contagion, and supplier for warmly for example wiping out directly with OSMD - society co-owners multifamily homes. And nothing with them not on advices, and in avoiding blackouts, simply account for barrel through debt on the whole house. Courts nothing not give, especially if they have child, more accurately, fulfill--even decision - throw the seeds out someone or still as something to decide question - system seems to be in limbo, with. With horror thinking, and if such will half a house - then platelschikam will have only was rushed sell apartment and take or in standard've got a certificate for, or the private house. Incidentally in states that is why Flunk the French with our all these cewkies-iiiaiyoaaeee - said stupidly not paid, are payers wealthier guest migrated made there, house been disconnected and this district has spiraled into ghettos. This I to what - perishing pardon, no one not want to derail the, neprimenitelno to author, but in a whole, if in trades abroad this problem solve, then this only on good rest tenants and even whole cleanup, and the and cities in a whole. Or, as the saying goes, there is no Huda without for good.

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#p55593,горожанин wrote:

In apartment my old colleague, one the disabled person, at the second floor 8-planning Stalin’s dvukhetazhki-nasypushki, where in the very moment in apartment collapsed skies of.

This not the Stalinist house, this khruschyovskaya "popular vybudovani." Did out of the sand (type care solution), a wooden fittings, waste construction enterprises. House is worth contrary laws physics, pipes rusty rotten, wall in toilet can be or penetrate fist or aerate Bawi's finger at.
This built from waste Transmasha, Shinozavoda and ash the TPS-2
I live in Stalin House, him even 100 years stand, Wall on 60 see
Incidentally shelf, which we call khruschyovskimi, were developed under Stalin.



#p55599,Wxd wrote:

supplier for warmly for example wiping out directly with OSMD -

Wait, and Bubka as its president Facial expense not ????? ”? Under fix here at all OSMD? It purely servicing house, territory and increasingly. Warmly, water to OSMD somehow through? Every pays or not pays himself.



#p55603,Dmitry" wrote:

This is not the Stalinist house, this khruschyovskaya "popular vybudovani"

This not Stalin project and not khruschyovka. This the first postwar homes. Have us such call “war Germans built. ”



Clotzel, responded hereto not clog here.





Get back a little stopped in FaceBook after the return of lektrichestva in house. People helped mostly made there, them the first attention.

A huge gratitude of above all INK, john,, Elementaland all, who supported, although would the participation in topic.

Now, when on the hands of paper with Criminal a crime - vystavlyavshiysya expense and cryptic way overweight 6,000 the Final payment on this ultimately (net article "extortion" CC trades abroad) - the and confidence many more. And couple articles with fraud - collection for 13 years money for of a non-existent ”, and stored now base data in history plus and payments my accounts in why don't siteme "capital." Two past still can be corrected, the first nowhere not question.

Private Courses this affairs, line otema real estate have citizens, said on personal meeting, to not select without attention violations respective Syrian clients (he on moonlighting still and responsible for questions housing and communal services in district from executive power). Let they now bother settling..., whom and that on airline.

Who Needs interesting since second bloodiest and other the prehistory this situation - in two governing and remarks, to them in lj - the first, the second. Not want still and this here pull.

Thank you.

For good!



the city dweller, with return! :flag:



#p56206,fire wrote:

the city dweller, with return! :flag:

Thank you!






Luck! Health!! Successes in the fight!



#p56242,джон wrote:

Good luck! Health!! Successes in the fight!

Thank oou!
From souls.
Who it comes knew, as Lidia the kind struggle. I OK on nature not fighter, only'm returning blow. Sat would yes theatre handling of a that should disassemble.

Very synchronously happened different threats with from and's distant loop.
With some people we here exchanged these in lichke, until me at all light not have closed. Strange all. And not accidentally.

Francescalong not in sight. Someone knows, that with it?



#p56311,горожанин wrote:

Francesca long not in sight. Someone knows, that with it?

Yes,, too, this question worries.
Weeks two as.



#p56311,горожанин wrote:

Francesca long not in sight. Someone knows, that with it?

Let us positive: Ankle just went right over burning feed of. Here is is good to and will emerge)


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