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"messages And symbols says they have world, A NOT's Up And LAW" - "

On gender station Volgograd-1

Zvezda the specter of the Apocalypse.
Symbol of - used on used
Apocalypse - point in time, change of "power" God - on power the Devil.
Apocalypse - "the end of the world" and the beginning of of darkness are apparent, pipe dream of Satanists.



So in fix same it's a discrepancy modern flag and what contradictions laid in offense?’s start with crescent. Initially crescent not been used in Islam by declaring as symbol, this happened much later. Slightly mene 100 years ago, crescent was used under creating flag Azerbaijan, implying Islamic character state with secular rule. On today Azerbaijan on 90% the secular state.

As write some Muslim sources of, use crescent in it`s, not brings happiness and even come. Except this in moment declaration of of the Azerbaijan republics, phase Moon Illusion was utterly the other. Month on flag reveals in dwindling able. This the second it's a discrepancy. Image of the crescent can even to talk about by the moonlight letoschislenii. Azerbaijan today uses as and most world solar epoch. Not though, that nominally most inhabitants Azerbaijan belong to Muslims, use crescent not reflects unity people his naselyayuschego. So use religious symbol of a in alignment state looks not to community. Flag and his symbols must to combine all. This not means, that need add used (in the Caucasus Albania precisely used was symbol of state) and 6 ultimate star in (under Hazard Hagan). Simply need to find unifying symbol of all peoples naselyayuschego country.

Now turn 8 the ultimate stars. This star, too, as and crescent not has direct relations to modern Azerbaijan. Explanations aaneaou on the Arab name Azerbaijan is written from 8 letters or 8 Turkic Upper too highly for ears. Its use widely can be meet in Criminal world. This symbol of criminal “bosses. ” Azerbaijan struggles with corruption, but if symbol of state “authorities supporting ”, then can be understand why struggle passes with uneven success.)) audace this options 8 the ultimate stars is used by some Christians and Phe. So we see, that symbolism flag not has direct relations to Azerbaijan and was accidentally, either on of negligence chosen in as a symbolism countries.



Of Chuvashia’s organs is Turkmenistan

Supply-Ural’s organs is Ukraine Give

Order was PChiS’s organs is Abkhazia

Azerbaijan’s organs is Kazakhstan



Amur area’s organs is Volzhsky

Russian order was’s organs is Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia

Leackey's of the Virgin’s organs is Azerbaijan

Oa?ac, Kazakhstan’s organs is Karelia





Zvezda the specter of the Apocalypse





Star apocalypse in “Polish cities, associated with elimination of Chernobyl accident.

Name Chernobyl happened from name plants is wormwood (wormwood), camping on’s reference to star wormwood (star apocalypse) (Wormwood (star))

Gerb mountains. Pripyat
Gerb mountains. Green Cape Arkona
Gerb mountains. Slavutich
"Decision about construction FC Slavutych Cherkasy as a new cities for a permanent residence workers Chernobyl reactor and members their families after accident on ChNPP was taken 2 October 1986" "In construction cities participated the architects and the builders from eight allied republics: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Russia, that misdiagnosed evaporating every urban complex (quarter) national colouring. As outcome, now city carved on thirteen quarters: Row Baku, Belgorod-on-Dnepr, Vilnius, Dobryninskiy, Yerevan, Kyiv, Leningrad, Moscow, Riga, city of, Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili, 's efficiency, Gheorghievici, each of which has its clarity as well architecture and atmosphere. "

Gerb Ivankiv Raion cleanup

Gerb urban of the village Bragin (Belarus)

These and other photo FCO crest cities can be watch here. "Crests cities, associated with elimination of accident" … view=print

And still about vosmikonechnykh stars. On sacrificial 37 th meridian is Tula.
Gerb Tula.

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The city dweller gave precise definition of



Dmitry" wrote:

A city type gave precise definition of

And this Sevastopol. Quay near Rayon boulevard. church zatoplennym actions would

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Still crests-vosmikonechniki.
Kaluzhskaya area, city FC Obninsk

Bryansk area, city Kurchatov.

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Crescent and zverosolnyshko, increasingly stilizovanno




Герб Лели́ва (польск. Leliwa, Lelijva) — дворянский герб, который использовали дворяне Польши и Литвы. Впервые Герб Лелива упоминается в 1399 году. Согласно наиболее часто цитируемому мнению Яна Длугоша, герб имеет немецкие корни. Однако этой позиции не разделяет современный польский историк Владимеж Двожечек: по его мнению, род Леливитов, как и их герб, имеет исключительно польское происхождение. Лелива была распространена преимущественно в краковском, сандомирском и познаньском воеводстве, в своем оригинальном виде она является гербом для более чем 800 родов. Им пользовались, например, Гуттен-Чапские, Тышкевичи,Тарновские, Полонские, Кукели.

Тернополь- || Кагарлыкский район-
Дубно (с 1995-го)-|| Батурин-
Староконстантинов - || Старосинявский район-
Второй вариант герба Днепропетровска


Исторический герб Днепропетровска (вернее эмблема его предшественника - казацкого поселения Кодак) ныне реконструируется по мотивам печати Кодакской паланки Запорожского войска, сохранившейся на документе 1770 года. На ней изображён бегущий оглядывающийся конь, над ним перекрещенные сабля и стрела, корона, звезда и полумесяц, литеры "К.П.П.П.". Современная реконструкция этого герба - в синем поле бегущий и оглядывающийся золотой конь, сопровождённый в главе: в центре - золотыми скрещенными стрелой и саблей, справа - серебряной звездой, слева - золотым полумесяцем.

По материалам работ А.Гречило (г.Львов), информация предоставлена В.Марковым (г.Санкт-Петербург)



Interesting got a girl's here is here … 3811620184
Culorile star and used. … .%2B-2.jpg … 2B5.09.jpg … 9%2B-1.jpgКрасноярск%2B5.09%2B-1.jpg

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About themes vosmikonechnikov-zverosolnyshek.
Moscow's city subway. The station Marksistskaya. Paul station is decorated vosmikonechnikami.
The station Taganskaya (Koltsevaya Line), Circle. The same.

And still. Under transition with station Sevastopolskaya (Moscow Metro) on category: Kakhovskaya Line can be watch vosmikonechnik in the form of lamps (over. All a span of transition, on ceiling made collars in the form of circle, where are lamps in the form of eight rays). These station are one over another and it seems that they now intersect used the distinctive, either close to this. Name stations telling the (Sevastopol (city in Kherson, Kakhovsky (disambiguation) staging area).

Why something photo have become vanish from messages. Put references to other photo.

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The station subway Guerrilla.
"In late 2007 — the early 2008 made virtually full replacing asfaltovogo cover gender station on. The dark marble, under this enlightened marble, which was designed ornament on gender, was replaced on Red granite."



All, that is destined "genplanom" for eviscerating, mecheno zverosolnyshkom (samsara, star chaos, Volos, apocalypse)

At local Himalayan Ideology been aiming South Siberia -, and Ukraine the entire rotten promechena

There is neglected cities
Pro Pripyat all know

San dinner


In term "general arrangement design" - Orthodox and British the world.

Bearing all potroshitelskie community and arrangements.

Blutbaden Maya and Haiti

Crusaders, category: Seleucid rulers, the Copts egipta, Scythians

Known figures past, worked on apocalypse, and segodnyashniego days

This grave parts of Kutusov (he Scotlands is buried), rest see

Are Mesopotamia - from Shumer until our days

Qatar, Rwanda.

This all remembered

Kostnitsu in the Czech Republic started victims of hussite wars, and another two century deposited money into

Russia sansarami getting pumped full of very copiously on the eve big morov and wars, now again unholy - ’ s about illustrative material



On expense vosmigrannikov and placemarks. Here is there is such vosmigranniki and who they enjoys (enjoyed):
Ministry of Emergency Situations trades abroad (the first symbol of the main, used in most units Ministry of Emergency Situations)

Symbol of the seas
Instead stars still meets with radiuses


Now many stiliziruyut maps (under old or pirate, or here is how below - fantasy), more often in the form of compass

Here is and compass (you think jolly old, new compasses, especially broad consumption without drawings, only direction)

Ah and "Rose-"



Val wrote:

At expense vosmigrannikov and placemarks. Here is there is such vosmigranniki and who they enjoys (enjoyed):
Ministry of Emergency Situations trades abroad (the first symbol of the main, used in most units Ministry of Emergency Situations)

Symbol of the seas

Ah and "Rose-"

All Ministry of Emergency Situations former the USSR enjoy compass and a rose of the-with princess cut (in all times under all other meanings this and symbol of-necked parakeet)

And not only. Indonesia, together with their potroshitelskoy the mountain (there their with dozen or like moreover such same these murky "airline crashes" was)



Market were Minsk
In Belarus something these parks until trait and so there. With use their all and quite often.


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