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Signs in clips, music, video game, television show

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Istina wrote:

In show "the Bachelor's" on TNT many GDPs are fighting for heart of includes just, comedian who Timur Batrutdinova. In each series of a bachelor consigned one or two girls from project.
In predfinalnoy series of on ceremony "judgment" girls poured in dresses flowers Federal State of Novorussiya. From project must to address Timur stray girl in red women, its one of hobby - this the study of massonstva. Here is stood up they before farewell, girl nasheptnula Timur on ears and the said: "On todays moment I not ready its to float" and reinforced girl on project for final "the gap"

Symbolically significant broke a.

Edited the True-true (Today 2 :45: 43)

On center typical "mraziynoe" the sun.
There same





Jew and the good! Vladimir the Warblers

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Darkeffect777 wrote:

Jew and the good! Vladimir the Warblers

[video2=640|400]// =f alse&autostart =f alse&originalSize =f alse&hideTopBar =f alse&startWithHD =f alse[/video2]



Dancing Cali Ma. 1 :3 8playing bones - 7 / 11. Will something playing the. :whistle:

[video2=640|360]// =f alse&autostart =f alse&originalSize =f alse&hideTopBar =f alse&startWithHD =f alse[/video2]

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#p34254,tort5 wrote:

& Cali Ma. Playing bones - 7 / 11. Will something playing the.

November 7 2017 - Red day calendar, 100 years revolution, will playing the postanovu twiggly-wiggly stuff Dr. evil puten will try to click button, nuclear, and doblesnye peppers prevent and establish a new a good power led by good tsar, for example Maltsevym - elaborating on czar look like.

The that November 7 statue putena already all caldrons prozhzhuzhali, even the Maltsev nedvukhsmyslenno hinting, all already in fist bumps, obgovreno, plan schemes and anything, until this will to drink presumed, can circle if you ain't revolutionary massacre, with zakhodami tanks right sector in the Kremlin and anything. Ah and of course China would cut off gender Russia, already washed brains on level of a comedy klabov, and other weak shit.

Goes change matrixes, introduced into new installations, subprograms goes formatting and anything in mass consciousness - 's driving on so this imperceptibly for to the disposition.

For example, purely that was having a flashback, in world goes so-called the legalization marijuana and other lung, under the guise of medicine - with one hand for? Tatic - with other hand - this narkotizatsiya society with those to from plastelinovgo consciousness easier can be was pass for, um, a new world in anybody to the disposition. Recently watched with nourished German forehead prevents new (newschool) rap clips and anything - there at all goes open propaganda drugs (mainly grass) and removed any another potreblyadstvo, violence, lust, pursuit death and anything - I was in of shock, in clips goes concrete programing young cattle - this theme newsworthy separate themes.



#p30703, wrote:

:: Message from: Iskatel::

I shall remind here pro the symbolism Chernobyl.

Edited Iskatel (2014-12-31 20 :22: 16)

Hmm. Only released a new clip "Ocean Okean Elzy" "Dont your war" - there coin with sun, I even in topic pro signs was asking question - here is now by in the search for Forum Chernobyl and engulfed on this your message.
Now stuck here driven picture from the themes.
Here is the
Edited Nobody not believe (2015-04-29 19 :19: 57)

Sorry, late your message saw.

In music video clear the symbolism. Coin with sun-the stylized zverosolnyshko with "light" and dark party. Only naturally without Vysunutogo language, and then people not figure.
Himself problems have in nose refers to "light" but we were-ma

Vyetka Caline are leaning
Mother, whom we we prayed?
How many even can she
Your children, not your war?

Can this some ritual for sop were?
Clip of tiles and in 120 26 April, in day Chernobyl catastrophe. And through 2 days is happening conflagration in Chernobyl Pushcha.

Interpretation creators songs and clip.

"Skyfall words of recession, the main idea songs, lurks in the title, is a daunting for recognition even very itself - us, Ukrainian, in for many centuries constantly impose from outside whose thought, actions and even war. Now it is time, finally, borrow responsibility and initiative on themselves.
Main battle - within each of us, within of our society. After all your war - this struggle with own-totalitarian complexes, fears something change, influence what is happening around you, not zvinivachuvaty where and someone , and borrow situation in their hands. This - sverkhslozhno, and without this there is no successful future nor have human, nor have society, nor have countries , - notes problems have. "

"After the emergence of songs was been decided immediately to lift on it video and to imagine together. Director, author ideas clip became Howard has Grinkhol. "" One of the main elements video Dont your war is some pristine coin accidental choice from dark and light sides. This image emerged from ideas director to portray society, which awaits, not acts, which storonno is witnessing, in what same side will fall coin, lucky-not manages in another times. And this - path decline, and is by no means development.
And in late video, depicts in it community all-??? receives chance on development and further all remains already in its the hands of. And coin simply disappears. "

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category: Masonic signs on show bearded behest of the



Popular British group Keane
(Kin) and there is a some pristine the similarities posts Kino, 4 human in group, soloist, too, lover of 15.
Eye the pyramid

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Namozolila eyes one playbill says in Moscow, Noize MC, been tir 2 January.
Exactly this:
As something not inspire all these trappings tsekhovikov: White rabbits, owls, jersey Adidas-Salomon AG.
Took hence:
Advertising clip, too, zatvarivaniem cities.

Noize MC - Jingle Bellz

Reminds meet's like vomit Russian salad, which succumbed Alexeev.

Remains only wonder: And not who whether tsekhovikami any Matrix sucker on 2 January?

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Who wants to become. 8 green snakes
Field miracles, the most the first issuance, again white black


Now same the table not to consider, but again in-style BMWs, and already years 10 this the table arrive presents, people themselves all bear
Let say, it seems on loudspeaker
Not can whether be this move a which looks TV, and from viewing goes breath, he and says?

Transfer of: To live nice!

In screen saver gender the chess and rombik, as teams sponsored by Umbro British firms, that on form of eyes open perhaps, too, it seems.



Elena Malysheva - Rhode activities on first place is worth precisely - presenter
Dmitri Shubin, Andrei Prodeus, Herman Gandelman, Mark Galperin (on me they all entertainers)

Large image the far-fetched this increasingly for ears.

When Malysheva askedon Living nice! Prodeusa, they were are familiar many years. Prodeuswas precisely referee Dr.the European dissertations Elena of ryazan. When same Andrei Petrovic came in known program, weighed he 108 kilograms. Malysheva him proposed participate in the new project Throw surplus. For 4 month Dr. 've lost weight roughly on 20 kilograms. Medicine for Andrei Prodeusa dream early childhood. In school he walking in one Saver Junior a medic , then and decided to become pediatrician /. Getting satisfaction from treatment children. They sincere and trusting people, them help "feels better", than adult. To choice profession me pushed father, who was dityachim a surgeon , - says Prodeus. With the first wife he got acquainted still in Institute, she - doctor-the pediatrician. But marriage disintegrated through six years. With the second wife and Anna, dityachim immunologom, Prodeus had lived under 10 years, but split up precisely because, that both chose not family, and work. Now Andrei Petrovic head the pulpit, surely beckons Pediatrics recently warned in national a medical University, runs undertaken by the Moscow center Allergology. The first his son Anton graduated from economic economics. Him 24 year, works he on specialties. And son from second marriage 14-year-old Artem until not completes his turn with profession throughout.
Skyfall acquaintance fell in Living nice! also Herman Gandelman.He with Malyshevoy studied under in Kemerovskiy a medical Institute. And was pride Psychology, won awards not times on all-Union student regional olympiads on biology, chemistry, Physics. He leader was coming do in physico-technical institution, but from-for competition on volleyballnot managed on exams. I not that was never be doctor, albeit grew in environment medical workers. Mother my nurse works in House nursing , - says Gandelman. After Kemerovo still was studies at asprantur Tashkent University, work in Israel. Gandelman interventsionnyy cardiologist, he through tiny Shakaryan stated opens imperfections like blocked vessels hearts, not giving perish people from heart attack. Sons Herman Shaevicha, and 17-year-old Daniel and 21-year-old Guy with profession throughout still not make up your mind.
Dmitri Shubingraduated from the company's Kemerovo affiliate medical institution. He became after a, but when began perestroika and doctors in Russia stopped to pay, left in Europe work Dr.. He, too, not wanted to be doctor. Lived in plant, handled 7 years in sports school,showing excellent results. When embarked question chief choice profession, then it turned out, that in his city of can be was learn on pedagogue or metallurga. It was not for me. Here is doctor distinct profession, and so left in Kemerovo closest city. Parents were are happy , - says Dmitri. Since Malyshevoy they help very simply: Its on treatment directed former patients Dr. Shubina. Decided, she honestly told, that not believes manualnuyu therapy serious snowtowers, and asked prove, that we indeed also have a constitutional right on any functions. Have proven, convinced, conducted comparative ultrasound research and may block Dr. Malyshevu. After simply remained friends. To participate in program Living nice! he agreed immediately. Have Shubina four children. Eldest Daria from first marriage 30 years. Works she the dental practice. Wu me granddaughter there is, Sasha, it three years , told Dmitri. In the second marriage, he lasts 12 years already, have Shubina are rising son Ivan and daughters Varya and Antonina. His spouse Oksana on education teacher.

One from bloggers TwitterIlya writes: Everyone these doctors help people. This today so important. … 24923.html

A half-eaten apple? Pyramid, a butterfly, clock sandy.
Grisha, my love, too, fingers oppression

The authors on cycle "the circle of conspiracy" give answers on ordinary questions, which usually not come in golovu.Tozhe a butterfly

These arc, too, remind two body.

, fuckstick? Than the it seems if hearts unleash

Here's this still two transfer of posts X, that this means? This x and on radio and in stores. Bones or a butterfly?
Home man , transfer of. Active -passivnyy, is worth - really nothing, bread - circuses.

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Here is then even on of Economic channel (like not was):

- eye
"Alphabetic acceptance Canal"



- " Fashion House presents verdict"
He or "M", two towers on the sides, behind the backdrop of star.

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Here is this believe, too, a badge of. Show on first host '' Attached with Entrance '' Hazing over Entrance, these reverie attended by to be sure.

Participants project:

Jan Churikova
Alla Mikheeva
Larisa Valley
Anastasia Zavorotnyuk
She Kudryavtseva
Tina Kuznetsov
Svetlana Svetlana Zhurova
Oleg Gazmanov
Alexey Yagudin
Anton Privolnov
Dmitri Sautin
Maxim Maxim Marinin
Maxim Sharafutdinov

Performers will assess:

Tatiana Tarasov
Sergei Shakurov
Vladimir Korenev
Leonid Rostselmash
Efim and Schifrin

Professional consultation in project invited: Nikolai Drozdov

Lead show: Valdis Pelsh and Maria Kisseleva

Kommentirovat: Kirill Nabutov

Producer: Ilya Krivitzky.

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House-2- the most popular show in Russia, counterpart which there is no even abroad.
Live broadcast show began 11on May 2004. (2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 6)
Urban gathering spaces that offer universal

I not know, are whether participants part of all of this, that is called plot, but at least emotions have them real during are searching.


And now, with 29 November 2014 "House-2" opens a new playground on of Seychelles Northern Islands, I long could not understand, that this increasingly reminds, after all not simply so.


One of parts of islands, where is gathering spaces that offer universal House-2
s Staying Alive in survivors, one of parts of islands

And here me I remember cult krovi Lost / s Staying Alive in survivors (2004-2010). Those who familiar with LOST, will find many symbolism.

8 lucky ones (Andrei Cherkasov, Victoria romanets, Marina Afrikantova, Yegor Kholyavin, Igor Tregubenko, Ella Sukhanova, Olga Vlasova and Vadim Ryzhov) traveled in tropical paradise for of building relations.
Andrei Cherkasov

The character he's basing Jack Shepherd from "s Staying Alive in of the Living"

Victoria romanets
The character he's basing Kate

Less obvious similarities, but increasingly same
Yegor Kholyavin, having arrived on island've lost weight, was much transmission of, however traits and common manners, panoramas remind again individual from Lost.

Blockbuster Hurley

8 lucky ones, precisely so much major characters were in LOST- Shepherd, Sawyer, Kate, Locke reported, Hurley, Sung and Gene, Ben.
, too, svoeobraznaya reference to Lost

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Pussy Riot: Klyuvorylye, neckline, zverosolnyshki. All at laws genre. :glasses:

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tort5, Podskajite, and that means gesture kinda flaps of their chicken, which Tolokonnikova in music video all would find?
Sickening and clip and the and at all the entire setting, even 4000m2 as well as grown sick.



Uma2rman - Tennis (2005 year)
Bparivanie just (starting from increase the penis, ending - Do way)
B the eyes of, breast.
Want discern emphasis on young people are


From themselves dobavlyu.Ha expense razmerov.Esli from dam whom-only not likes were large, then Kegel in aid, you have weak muscle (the size of the not always the problem men, but us ontological the opposite for-, srubaniya cash with operations) So same this such, chick flick divorce. The problem in it, but it about this not say, instead it offer size seek / touch.

Group 3veri - Everyone that you concerns
B music video actress-thicky thick (forgot name of surname) and in image enter not nado.Hedavno posted its with red thread.
Pomka 3ver perfectly knew with whom he've macked. again she, and here same business Mikhalki, Panin, which so Nimrod that his kicked and with a gay guy's team.

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#p51829,Rover wrote:

. But again in-style BMWs.

That is why the me always seemed that have them nor what not propeller, and center of gravity still since the Model airplanes:



#p55528,fire wrote:

That why the me always seemed that have them nor what not propeller, and center of gravity still since the Model airplanes:

Why there is no.

I was thinking about spell out installations.
Uma2rman - Praskovia

I'm instructing you to can see, but it seems on woman, kissing female thumping. Two moment with this poster there

Eye, a tear.
Coldness, say on little
Coldness, skiing riding the, and big there is in many clips
Women you demerdez in machines, caveat in short men
Large image Users do not play go in Pharmacy
Cold women with dogs
Women slide on mo-ped
Strigites (when need to, when not need to)

City in music video broken, windows there, peasant women neadekvaty, men there at all, and those that there is, 2 turista and the fled

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A boycott - HSIIDC go (foraging out from blue, know no one knows, all in turtles and camping on D.)
This group was on gold gramofone. Received an award. Harvey in joke scared.

At all in paired moments, on ceremony, was real cteb over Possiey.

Received an award, for that not for that.

These turntables there were in almost every nose

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